May 2021 Favourites

Well that is May over and done with. Here in the UK we have seen more lock down restrictions be lifted which has been great as it has meant being able to see loved ones a bit more often. However, the weather hasn't been on our side and May has definitely felt like a washout. I guess this was a bit of a good thing though as it meant more time indoors to play games and get caught up on the blogs. There have been plenty of favourites for the month of May and they were...

Film & TV

Football Finals

One thing I have always loved with the month of May is that it is football final month. We have had a month filled with playoff finals, European finals and final days of the season which has been fantastic. 90% of the month has been spent with a football game on the TV and honestly I have loved it. I think I could easily have full days of just watching the football as I just love it that much. 


When I haven't been watching the football I have been watching YouTube. Most of May was spent watching tech YouTube or gaming YouTube which has been fantastic as there have been so many great tech and gaming videos published lately. Some of my favourite creators have been producing some great content and I am discovering more and more new creators. 



I don't know why this has happened but I can't stop listening to Drake at the moment. I just found myself putting his tracks on shuffle on my Spotify and I was hooked again. I stopped listening to him for quite a while but I think I will be listening to him for quite a while again now as I just can't get enough, no doubt now the weather is improving I will be listening to him whilst I am out in the garden.  

Justin Bieber  

It has been another month of listening to a lot of Justin Bieber but this month it has been mostly his new stuff instead of going through his back cataloge like I normally do. I find his newer stuff to be pretty easy listening so most days I just have it playing in the background whilst I am getting ready or whilst I am doing bits for the blog. 



 Now I am back in work the Macbook has come in very handy. I take it to work with me daily to use on my lunch time so I can do blog bits whilst I am still in work. It also means everything is in one space instead of been on my gaming PC and other platforms. I use the Macbook daily to blog at home as part of my new little blog set up in the spare room as well for watching YouTube on a morning and evening. It is definitely one of my best purchases of 2020 as it is so handy and is helping me stay really productive at all times. 


I have finally got back into gaming in May after losing so much motivation for it in recent months. I have been absolutely loving playing on the PS5 recently and I am looking forward to playing even more of it. The PS5 is such a great console and I really think it is a big factor for the love of gaming returning. I am so glad we managed to get a PS5 straight away and let's hope I can find a way to incorporate more gaming back into my life. 



 In terms of gaming I have fallen in love with Bugsnax which started off driving me mad but I have really got into it and am actually really enjoying playing through it. I don't think I would have purchased this game so I am glad I got it free due to having PS Plus as it has meant that I have had the chance to experience a game that is brilliant but I would have possibly passed on due to price. The game is so strange but so fun and I would love to find more games like it in the future. It might have been stressful to play but in the end it was also fun. I wonder what game will be on next months favourites post... 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of May. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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