June 2021 Favourites

June really didn't seem to last two minutes did it? But it was filled with plenty of variety for me and apart from being ill towards the end of the month it has actually been a really good month, even with the weather being hit and miss too it hasn't spoilt anything. The month has been filled with new and old favourites and some that are more mental than anything so here are my favourite things from June...

Film & TV


Thanks to the Euros it has literally been a month filled with football for me which is basically a dream come true due to my love for the game. It has been nice to just sit down and watch as many games as possible especially as this is the tournament we all missed out on last year. There have been some interesting results throughout June and it has been great not knowing which way results were going to go. It just makes me more and more excited for when we can finally get back to stadiums properly. 



To be honest I haven't listened to much music other than 3 Lions all month. But when I have switched the football music off and listened to something else instead I seem to have only listened to KSI, especially his new song Holiday which is just brilliant and such easy listening. It is safe to say KSI is an artist I could listen to all day everyday and never get fed up of it. 



The Macbook is still here on the favourites list as it has been so handy with me being back at the 9-5 job. Simply give it a quick charge on a morning, put it in my bag and I can work on new content on my lunch break which means more content for you to read. It has definitely helped me stay really productive and keep on top of my to do lists which is great as the world starts to open up again and I am getting busier day by day. Honestly if I was still using my old laptop I wouldn't have been getting half as much done. 


Gaming YouTube Videos

In terms of gaming due to being ill and busy I haven't actually had time to start anything new or really even sit down and play anything so my gaming favourite for the month of June has to be gaming YouTube videos as I have watched so many of them lately. As I haven't been able to game myself I have spent more time watching others play games which has been great as it has been perfect for the background especially whilst I have been having long periods of time at my PC blogging. There have been some great gaming videos released lately and I am hoping there are more in July too. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of June. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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