What We Are Playing (16th July)


Well last weekend didn't go to plan at all and thanks to jobs in the house taking longer than expected and taking all the energy out of me I once again didn't get around to playing anything. This week has been a bit of a similar story as due to me not getting home until late each evening I have ended up getting in and going to bed once I have caught up on blogging bits I have needed to do. But I am hoping that due to the amount I have got done throughout the week I am going to have some time to sit down and play some games this weekend at long last. I know Liam is going to be able to play plenty but I have a few plans in place like spending time with the nephew and going to watch the football which will result in me needing to write a report after. I am hoping though that I do get chance to sit down and pick up a controller and game away instead of every free minute being spent blogging. So here is what we are hoping to play this weekend. 


Thanks to me not having the chance to play anything last weekend I still haven't managed to make a start on Super Lucky's Tale on the Xbox and no doubt by now the console is going to need an update which will take up plenty of time. I am really hoping that this weekend I can get at least a few hours put into playing Super Lucky's Tale as I now just really want to play it as it has been that long. If I get the chance to I will also be jumping back into Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu as again I just haven't had the chance to play it lately and I miss playing it to be honest. 


Just like every other weekend I am going to be playing plenty more World of Warcraft because would it really be the weekend if I didn't? I have been watching a lot of Minecraft videos recently which has actually made me go back to playing the game so no doubt I will be playing that at some point too. My friend has also recently started playing Final Fantasy 14 so I ended up downloading that too and again I will probably spend a few hours on this too if I get the chance.

So there you have it that is what we are both planning on playing over the weekend, no doubt Liam will get through plenty of hours gaming where as I am probably going to struggle but even just a couple of hours will be much better than nothing as I am really missing gaming lately and I just need life to slow down so I can get back to tackling the backlog. 

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