Will I Ever Stop Loving Pokemon

Do you have a game franchise that has stuck with you as you have grown up? I have a few but the main one that stands out is Pokemon. This is a franchise I have been absolutely hooked on for a very long time not just the games but everything that seems to come with it too. Throughout growing up it is just one of those things I really couldn't get enough of and now at 26 years old things haven't changed at all if I see something Pokemon I have to have it no matter how big or small it is. 

I remember my first Nintendo console like I just got it yesterday, it was the purple Gameboy colour and I got Pokemon Yellow and Pokemon Pinball for it immediately and was hooked from the get go. Pokemon yellow is one of the first ever games I remember playing and honestly at the age I was at the time I don't know how I understood what I was doing especially as the only other games I played back then were football ones this was totally new for me. I remember playing Pokemon Yellow for far too many hours and I just never got bored of it. I loved it that much a few years ago I got the game for my 3DS so I could relive my childhood once again and now I just need to get around to playing it again. 

As a kid if I saw anything Pokemon I had to have it, the house was full of Pikachu items and for years I wore the same Pikachu fancy dress outfit on days at school such as World Book Day. I had the games for my Gameboy and I would buy as many packs of trading cards as possible, I would even get the cards as rewards for doing well in things like swimming as at the time I was learning to swim, it was certainly a great incentive. I remember getting a Pikachu skateboard too and all the safety gear that came with it was Pokemon too so I had Pikachu on my helmet and my skateboard basically I was just kitted out in Pikachu from head to toe and I loved it. Even now if I see something Pokemon 9 times out of 10 I will buy it for the games room. Currently we have a Pikachu onesie hung on the door and a lot of the Build-A-Bear collection around the room too along with various other figures so it isn't something that is going away anytime soon.  

Over the past few months I have even contemplated getting back into collecting the cards but honestly I don't know if I can justify the unseen amount I would end up spending on packs especially now we have our own house to pay for etc. I used to love sitting down and watching the show after school and on weekends too and one of my favourite parts was guessing who's that Pokemon to be honest even to this day I find myself dipping in and out of the shows and movies just to get that bit more of a Pokemon fix and I am tempted to buy all the boxset's I can find so I can binge watch them all again. 

Growing up I used to get every game without fail as gifts however, as I have grown up and started buying the games myself I have found myself a fair few behind due to not wanting to pay the price of the game when I know time isn't on my side and that it will spend more time in the backlog than me actually playing it. The last Pokemon game I actually got was Let's Go Pikachu but I am absolutely determined to get up to date with the games as soon as possible and play up to the recent releases as I really do miss playing the game a lot. It is also safe to say Pokemon is going to be one of those franchises where I buy the games every time one is released for as long as I have a console to play them on. If the Nintendo console is there then a Pokemon game will definitely be accompanying it. 

Now my nephew is getting a bit older, he is currently 2, I am trying to get him into Pokemon. I am hoping that by starting him young he is going to really get into it just like I have and then if I do get cards I will have someone to trade with. He has already got a little Pikachu soft toy which he loves and he can tell me who he is so that is a good start. 

It is safe to say that Pokemon is always going to have a very special place in my heart as it is something that has been with me for as long as I can remember. All I know right now though is I really need a Pokemon fix and I am sure I will be buying a new Pokemon game very soon. Sitting and writing this posts has honestly just made me want to play the game once more so I am sure during my free time for the next few weeks you will find me in my Pikachu onesie, with a cup of tea in my Squirtle mug sat playing Let's Go Pikachu on the Switch and honestly I really can't wait. 

What is your favourite Pokemon game? 

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