What We Are Playing (23rd July)

 Well it is the weekend again and after a chaotic one last week with barely any time at home once again no gaming happened for me as I just didn't have any time plus it was far too warm to be sat in the games room for more than two minutes, I couldn't even sit in to do any blogging it was that hot. Looking at this weekend though I don't actually have much to do for a change other than a trip to the rugby currently so I am going to try get through some gaming and try not to spend all my time blogging as per usual as I am actually getting quite ahead of myself on my posts so I can afford to take some time out to game instead of neglecting the consoles again. So here is what me and Liam are hoping to play this weekend....

Saturday is going to be the time where I spend a lot of the day hopefully gaming as I don't actually have that much to do and Sunday evening might have a bit of gaming happening too if I feel like it after the rugby. I think Saturday am will be spent doing a bit of housework and blogging but then I will be jumping straight into Super Lucky's Tale as it has still been neglected and I am really slacking on my backlog challenge which I am sure you will have noticed by the content lately. I am also hoping to have a few Overwatch matches as I am really trying to get into that once more, I think I could get through plenty of matches this weekend if I don't end up hooked on Super Lucky's Tale. 


I bet you can't guess the main game I am playing this week... yeah that is right World of Warcraft, would it really be the weekend if I didn't spend most of my time playing that game? I will be playing a bit more Final Fantasy too as I am starting to get into that a bit more now. But the main game I will be playing when I aren't on World of Warcraft will be Minecraft as I am really getting back into playing that now, I wonder if I can get Lucy back playing it too? 

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play this weekend fingers crossed this time everything goes to plan and we can actually spend a lot of time gaming and lets hope it much cooler too so we can actually face sitting in the games room for a longer period of time. 

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