Why Pages N' Pixels Is A Great Addition To Halifax For Me

For a while now my local town of Halifax has been missing one big thing in my eyes... a great comic book store for all us geeks. We did have one before which unfortunately had to close it doors so I bet you can understand my joy when I heard that new start up Pages N' Pixels would be opening up in the lovely setting of the Piece Hall. We have a Game and a few other places where you can get video games from but nowhere to buy a comic books, graphic novels or a bigger variety of merchandise from. 

The addition of Pages N' Pixels means a bit more variety is being brought to the piece hall and I can finally get back into buying comic books and graphic novels much easier than before as the store is practically on my doorstep. One thing I love though is how involved the owners want customers to be. They recently did a survey where you could suggest franchises for them to stock meaning that there should really be something for everyone. I know this could be absolutely lethal for my bank account though so fingers crossed I don't go totally overboard.

After the year we have had it is really nice to see new places like this opening up as I believe it has a big audience here in Halifax due to the fact there isn't really anything else like it near by so they definitely have a chunk of the market corned. I just really hope that people continue venturing into the store and keep it going as it is definitely something that could be in Halifax for a long time. The good thing is that they are also going to be having an online shop, which is definitely going to help them reach a much wider audience, so even if you aren't local you can support the business and see what they have to offer.

The store currently have a crowdfunder going on which offers some fantastic incentives to help build up their stock levels and offer some fantastic value to their customers. My favourite tier is the £20 one as the reward is going to get you some pretty good items for a small donation. The £20 reward will get you back £20's worth of value in store so you could collect a Funko Pop, a Funko Keychain or a book to make up that value. With it looking like there is going to be plenty of choice in store you aren't going to find it difficult to spend that £20. There are a lot more tiers with a incentives of getting your value back which I think is a lovely touch from the store. 

I have a funny feeling you are going to be seeing a lot more of Pixels N' Pages on the blog and I just really can't wait to go check them out, it is also probably going to make Christmas shopping for Liam this year a whole lot easier. I now I would rather support a local small business than purchase everything from Amazon so having this option is going to be one I use a lot and I hope other locals do too. 

When I do eventually get to make it down to the store I will try get some pictures to do a bit of a shop tour post to give you all a bit of a view into exactly what to offer and where to find them but for now you can check out their website by clicking here. You will also find out more information about their crowdfunder on the site if you want to take part. I know they are hoping to do a lot more for the local community too which you can read about on the site as I think what they have planned is going to be a great addition and is going to attract a lot of interest in the future. 

Having Pages N' Pixels on the doorstep might even lead to some graphic novel pieces on the site so keep checking back to see what happens when I visit the store and beyond. 

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