What We Are Playing (30th July)


The weekend is finally here again and it is a long one for me whilst Liam still has to work on Saturday. I am sure we will have a great weekend though with a trip to the football hopefully being involved. My weekend is my recovery from a very busy week and I am determined to make this one all about relaxing and actually playing some games as a weekend like that is long over due.


right that is it no more excuse as I am ahead by quite a bit with my blogging I am going to step away from the computer and actually play games this weekend. I am finally going to get around to starting poor Super Lucky's Tale and I am just going to relax with some games for a change. Blogging has really consumed a lot of my time lately but it is time to change that. I do have a few other things to do this weekend but other than those I am hoping to play some games. If I get chance alongside start Super Lucky's Tale I will also be giving Scribblenauts Unlimited a go as I am really looking forward to trying this. 


It is just going to be the usual for me again this weekend as I am going to be playing a little bit more World of Warcraft. When I aren't on that though I will probably be joining friends on Final Fantasy again as I am finding that quite fun to play. Other than that I will be diving straight into back into Football Manager which I have gone straight back into and am hooked on once again. 

Let's hope everything goes well and we both get to play plenty of games over the weekend as we wish. Who knows I might end up hooked on one of the games I am playing and end up being close to finishing it by the start of next week. 

What are you hoping to play this weekend?

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