Top Xbox Games I Have Complete So far

Well this was actually quite a hard post to write as to be honest over the years I have neglected to Xbox and focused on mainly playing PlayStation games this is partly due to the Xbox One having numerous problems of crashing, not reading disks and just generally running very slow. I have managed to complete a fair few games on the Xbox platform since I originally got my 360 although not nearly as many as I have on other platforms. The Xbox does have some fantastic games though and I am glad that I tried some of the games in the post as if it wasn't for peoples recommendations I would have probably skipped straight past them. 

So here are my top 5 Xbox games that I have completed so far... 

I originally only got Titanfall 2 as it was cheap as I believe I paid around £10 for my copy. To be honest this game really surprised me and I actually found myself hooked on playing this, I would get home on an evening and look forward to heading to the games room to work my way through the campaign. The game wasn't anything like I expected and I am on countdown for a Titanfall 3 as I have high hopes for it. You can read my full thoughts on the game here

I know that technically you can't complete Minecraft but I have played that much of it on the Xbox over the years that I couldn't leave it off this list. Minecraft is just one of those fun games I always find myself going back to as it is actually quite relaxing and I can get lost in it for hours whether that is on creative mode or whether I am exploring and trying to level up. I first started playing Minecraft on the 360 after me originally refusing to play it due to it looking stupid however, after a few plays I was hooked and I ended up downloading it onto every device possible. I think I am going to be playing Minecraft for plenty of years to come. 

Believe it or not but I had never actually played a Borderlands game before well that was until I picked up Tales from the Borderlands. I really didn't know what to expect going into this game due to me not playing any other Borderlands games or even a Telltale game in the past but I was pleasantly surprised. The game wasn't too long to complete but there was plenty going on to keep me busy and entertained. The graphic style is what really got me though with how different it was to what I am used to. I think the game was a great first step into the franchise for me as it wasn't too demanding and showed me just what I would be getting from playing a Borderlands game. You can read my full thoughts on the game here.

Next up we have probably the most random game on the list but I did complete quite a few play sets during my time playing Disney Infinity and as a huge Disney fan I really enjoyed playing as some of my favourite characters. The only problem for me with this game though was the fact I got a little bit hooked on buying the figures that accompanied the game and I now have a box full of them just sat in the games room, I won't get rid of them though as I am hoping when he is a bit older I can get my nephew playing this game with me. My favourite play set was actually the Monsters University one and I had so much fun playing through this completing all the tasks. I wasn't too sure on the game concept at first but in the end it won me over and became one of my favourite games. 

Finally we have a game that really got me hooked and I am surprised as before I played this game I didn't like fighting games at all. I played this game on the 360 and honestly it consumed a lot of my time trying to work my way through the story mode. I never played online with this game but I did stick to the story mode and I think that is what made it more enjoyable for me as I was playing at my own level and my own pace. I still haven't tried Injustice 2 yet but I really need to as if it is anything like the first I am bound to enjoy it a lot. 

I am really determined that now I have the Xbox Series X I am going to be playing a lot more Xbox games and finally get through my backlog whilst doing so. As I said earlier Xbox have some fantastic games on their platform and it is about time I give them a go. I am sure that in the future there will be another post like this with gems I finally get around to playing.

What would make your top 5 completed Xbox game list? 

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