What We Are Playing (13th August)


Our weekends are about to get a whole lot busier with the return of the football and this weekend just goes to show that as Saturday we will be out 90% of the day and Sunday about 50% of the day either at the football or my grandads birthday party. Being so busy means gaming is once again going to suffer as we have less time at home but fingers crossed we do find some time just to switch off and play what we want as some time relaxing is definitely going to be needed. So here is what we are hoping to play...


I made a start on Scribblenauts Unlimited the other week and I would love to be able play a bit more of this over the weekend. I am really enjoying the game as it isn't too challenging so I can play this whilst relaxing perfectly I just wish my computer would run a bit faster then the experience would be perfect. I am also really wanting to make a start on Spider-Man Mile Morales this weekend as I have neglected this game for long enough and it just looks amazing. Fingers crossed any free time I have can be spent getting a chunk of this game played. 


Well it is definitely a football filled weekend for me as when I aren't watching the football live I will be playing through my save on Football Manager. This is a game I am spending a lot of time on lately and I am absolutely loving it. If I aren't on Football Manager I will be trying to get Lucy to play some Gears of War with me. 

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play over the weekend if we get the chance of a little down time. Fingers crossed we do as I really want to get lost in the world of Miles Morales. What are you playing this weekend? 

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