1 Year With The Macbook Pro 2020

How has it been a year since I finally bit the bullet and purchased my Macbook Pro?It took me ages to actually settle on making the purchase as it definitely was a very expensive purchase however, thanks to the pandemic altering my spending habits I caved and picked up the 2020 Macbook Pro and it is safe to say I am so glad I did make the purchase. 

I was worried about how often I would use the Macbook as I was finally going back to work when I purchased it but to my surprise I have actually used it almost daily since the day I got it, the only times I didn't use it was when I was out for the day. Thanks to using it daily I have certainly noticed an increase in my productivity. I keep it switched on all the time so when it comes to using it all I have to do is open it up and I am good to go, I have all my most used apps on here and any short cuts I need to get blogging done. I even take it to work every day so I can work on content at lunch as it is so quick to load things I can actually get a fair bit done which makes a lovely change as I don't have to sit around waiting for start up screens etc. I am hoping that this new found productivity level stays for all the time I have this Macbook as I am getting more than twice as much done each week since purchasing it. I can even have my football match reports notes on my phone instantly show up on my Macbook which is fantastic as it really speeds up the match reporting progress and show everything really is in one place thanks to me using the Apple Ecosystem. 

I can literally just open the Macbook up and be good to go and not have to worry about load speeds slowing me down which happened a lot with my previous laptop and I can easily leave items open as I go between home and the office so at lunch I can jump straight in where I left off which is fantastic. It has made working on the go a whole lot easier and I think I am only going to notice this more and more as things open back up again and I start going to events etc and take the Macbook with me to work on content on journeys to and from these and even holidays. With this there should be no stopping me in creating content and I am looking forward to getting even more use out of the device in the near future due to all this. I don't really have to worry about its battery life either as so far it has been really good and will last me a full day or two with how I am currently using it. I know this will change as I start doing more on it but for now I am loving it and can't see that any changes to it are going to be huge, plus when it does need charging it actually charges quite quickly. 

What did surprise me though is the actual quality of the screen on the Macbook, it is basically crystal clear all the time which make watching videos more enjoyable. I actually liked the quality of the screen so much I installed the SkyGo app on it so I can watch Sports, films and so much more on a great quality screen from anywhere in the house or on the go. It is also meaning I am getting so much more out of my Sky subscription too so it is really a win, win. I have barely used the touch bar in the whole year though, is it really needed? 

 At first I was a little worried about the lack of ports on this laptop too as I knew I would need to transfer a lot of data over for the blogs and images and other things but honestly it hasn't been an issue. I simply bought a USB-C hub and now I have various USB option and a memory card slot at a small extra cost which I don't mind. Plus the USB hub doesn't really take up much space and I can always plug my charger into it if needed although there are two other ports on the opposite side of the Macbook that can be used for this. This hub has just sped up the process of transferring data so much and is something I would definitely recommend to Macbook owners. 

To be honest I haven't used this device to its full ability just yet however, as I am working on a few new projects I am hoping I can test this out even more and see what it is really capable of but for now it is great for how I am using it. I don't even have that many apps on yet as I am still playing around to see what works best for me but the apps I do have are great and work really well I just wish there was an Instagram one where I could upload my images straight away. Going into year two with this Macbook I am definitely going to be looking into more apps and a few will coincide with future projects to help me with my work flow for those but the main one I will be getting as soon as possible is Lightroom as I am so determined to work on my photography across all my platforms as this is something I love but have always neglected. 

This Macbook was definitely a huge purchase for me in 2020 but was also a treat for doing so well even in the lockdown and the treat has certainly paid off. Yes it was expensive but I am really glad I purchased it as I am benefiting from it so much and I know I will be doing for years to come.

 Next up is seeing about the 2021 iPad Pro I have had my eye on to hopefully increase productivity even more.

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