What We Are Playing (24th September)


The weekend is finally here once more and at last we have a weekend where not that much needs doing. There are a few bits we need to do in the house but that wont take too long but with Liam at work on Saturday morning I can get them bits done and out of the way before he even gets home. Other than that we are at a party Saturday evening and I have a few blog bits to sort but the rest of our time is bound to be reserved for gaming. So here is what we are planning on playing this weekend...


I am determined to get a lot of gaming time in on Friday night as I have some free time, then I am hoping to get my jobs done early on Saturday so that I only have blog bits to do and the majority of my time can be sat with a controller in my hand. I am hoping that this weekend I can wrap up Miles Morales as I still have a few missions to go but I am so close to rolling the credits on it. Once that is done I will be continuing through Scribblenauts whilst I install Life is Strange True Colours. 


I am of course going to be playing a bit more Football Manager as that is what most days are being spent on at the moment, but I will also be jumping on World of Warcraft as I am slowly getting back into that again at the moment. Fingers crossed I can get some time on Outerworlds again too if the consoles don't need updating as I am really looking forward to playing that once more and hopefully completing that soon. 

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, lets hope it all goes to plan and we can see progress through our games and maybe even see one or two completed before the start of next week. What are you planning on playing this weekend? 

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