August 2021 New In

I would say I have been pretty good when it comes to spending money this month which is a bit of a surprise when you also look at my bank account, I would love to know where all my money has gone. To be honest I didn't need anything really so anything I got was a treat for a change and I think you will see a theme in some of the items. So here is what I picked up throughout August.... 

Technically this is from July but it didn't arrive until August. I won a football from Coca Cola in celebration of Euro 2020 and I couldn't be happier that it actually turned up. I love this football but I think it might have to stay in the box. 

I love it as autumn approaches as stores always have some great candles on sale. So when I smelt this fireside marshmallow one from B&M I knew I needed it and at just £2 I don't think I could have put it in the basket any quicker. I love lighting candles whilst I am gaming on the darker nights and I can't wait to start on this one. 

I have started taking my lunches to work with me recently so when I saw the Space Jam lunch box I had to have it. This pack was just £4 and is going to serve its purpose well and help me on my weight loss journey I hope. I am definitely loving Space Jam at the moment and really need to go see the film. 

Following on the Space Jam theme I got this over-sized t-shirt from Primark with the big print on the back. I was trying to not buy clothing and especially printed clothing but I couldn't help myself when I saw this the colour is fantastic and that print is amazing. I am quite glad I found a nice Space Jam t-shirt as I had been struggling quite a bit whilst on the hunt for one. 

The final items on the Space Jam theme are these brilliant soft toys. These are from Smyth Toy's and they are possibly the favourite things I have bought for the month and I will be going back and getting the rest of the characters they sell. I limited myself to just the 3 this time around though so of course I had to get my favourites, James, Bugs Bunny and Taz, the nephew seemed to take a liking to these too so no doubt he will be trying to steal them. 

I finally made it down to Pages N' Pixels in Halifax during the month too and honestly I wasn't planning on buying anything but then I saw these hardback Batman and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures graphic novels and knew I wasn't leaving empty handed. I have the comics of this pairing so to have them in hardback now is also great and I can't wait to flick through them. 

I know I said I wasn't going to be buying any new games but when I saw Saints Row at £14.99 for the Switch I just couldn't help myself. I wanted to pick up a new Switch game for my trip away at the end of August and this was on sale at the right time. I really need to play my Switch a whole lot more and hopefully this game is just the beginning. 

So there you have it I have actually managed to be quite good throughout August with my spending and I think it might be a similar story in September too as I have my birthday early in the month so shouldn't need to spend too much. What was your favourite purchase in August? 

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