What We Are Playing (27th August)


This weekend is going to be a bit different as we are actually away this weekend which will make a nice change. It is going to be a weekend with family so I am planning on switching off and just enjoying myself relaxing for a change and to be honest it is a well needed break at the moment. Either way though we are going to be taking plenty of things with us for our free time, some will be spent playing outdoor games with the nephew but at other points we will be playing on the Nintendo Switch or reading our books that we take with us which should be fun. So here is what we will be playing during our weekend away... 


I am actually really looking forward to playing on my Switch a fair bit more this weekend as it has been neglected. I restarted Let's Go Pikachu last week so I am hoping that I can make a fair bit of progress on that whilst I am away although I did purchase Saints Row IV especially for this trip so I am really hoping to make progress on that as I am looking forward to diving into this. No doubt I will end up on FIFA at some point too. When I aren't playing on the Switch fingers crossed I can get through a bit of my iJustine book at long last as I still haven't started that. 


I will be taking my Switch away with me but I aren't sure what I will be playing, if I play anything at all as nothing in our collection is jumping out at me at the moment. I think I will be spending most of my time reading so I will be taking a couple of books with me just in case I manage to finish one. I will be reading Dwarves which I have had for a while but still haven't got around to finishing yet and I will also be reading JFK which I can't wait to dive into as I love anything related to this topic. 

So there you have it that is what we are not only planning on playing but also reading this weekend. Let's hope the weather is good whilst we are away and we all have a great time. Let's hope we manage to make some good progress in our games and books too. 

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