What We Are Playing (22nd October)

Another weekend and yet again it is looking like another weekend where we aren't going to have much time to play games, well it isn't looking like I am going to have time due to the amount of things to do. This weekend is the only free weekend we have to finally get cracking on with the games room so we need to get everything out of the room & find a temporary home for it then we need to get all the wall stripped in the room ready for the plasterer so it is going to be all hands on deck this weekend to get as much done as we can. I am hoping we can create a bit of a temporary set up though to allow us to play games whilst the room is getting redone. So here is what we are hoping to play if we get the jobs done that we need to...


I still haven't made a start on Life is Strange so I am determined to get started on that this weekend if I get the chance. I am also hoping to get the gaming laptop charged & updated so I can play through some of my Steam library whilst the games room is out of action, I think I might start Ducktales on this if I get a chance. Of course I will be trying to get a few games of FIFA in this weekend too. 


I have been hooked on FIFA all week so lets hope we can get the temporary set up sorted out so I can carry on playing this over the weekend. I think I might jump back in and play some more Watchdogs Legion if I get the chance too as I am enjoying playing that lately. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend fingers crossed the games room doesn't take all weekend as we also have a football game to attend on Sunday but I would love nothing more than getting to spend a few hours gaming away, that relaxing time is much needed. What are you hoping to play this weekend? 

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