A Macbook Weekend Day In The Life

It is safe to say the Macbook gets used almost daily however, it is on weekends where I tend to use it the most as I am at home for more of the day with more free time than I have during the week. The weekend is my creative time where I get a whole lot of content sorted and organised for the upcoming weeks rather than lounging around doing nothing like I used to. The Macbook is really handy as due to its speed I can get a lot done with minimal disruption unlike before which used to absolutely drive me mad as simple tasks would take me twice as long as it does at the moment. This just means I can get twice as much done and really work on my content rather than getting fed up and settling for awful quality pieces like previous. So here is what I like to us my Macbook for on a typical weekend day.

Checking Twitter

I am constantly checking Twitter throughout the day on my Macbook and always have it running in the background so I can just jump in and out of it as and when. I especially like to keep up to date on my football blogs twitter on a weekend as different game results are coming in, plus it is the weekend when we get tagged and mentioned the most so it is nice to be able to respond pretty quickly. I also try to check in on the gaming blog's Twitter on a weekend although I have been slacking lately, let's hope I can change that soon. 

Uploading Images 

The Macbook uploads images to the blog a whole lot quicker than any other device I own at the moment so I always blog out time on a weekend to just get as many images uploaded to the blogs as possible for the week ahead. I am also trying to get everything uploaded to different sites ready for scheduling of posts so I am ahead of things for a change. It just makes things so much easier getting everything uploaded on a weekend.

Writing Blog Posts

On a weekend I love to either take the Macbook into the spare room or living room and just blog away. If I am in the living room with something good on the TV I can easily just blog away for hours and get through a lot of content rather than being in the games room constantly distracted. I definitely get a lot more done on this than previously as the battery life allows me to do hours worth of work without having to have it plugged in. I am only hoping that I can get more and more done in the future as I come up with better post ideas and have more time to write these on the Macbook. 

Scheduling Posts 

This is a new thing that I am trying to do on a weekend. I am trying to get some pictures uploaded to be able to schedule plenty of Facebook and Instagram content in the future as I am definitely neglecting these social media platforms due to a lack of time to post at the moment. I am trying to block out a chunk of time each Sunday just to get around a weeks worth of content scheduled so that I always have something to go up on the social media pages at a specific time rather than either forgetting to post a piece or just not bothering at all. Facebook creator studio is definitely really helping me with this and it is great for bulk scheduling as the images upload really quickly. 

Online Shopping 

Is it really the weekend if you don't do some online shopping? I love to just sit and browse various shopping sites on a weekend, even if I don't buy anything I get ideas for future purchases. The Macbook's spped allows me to fly through pages and see the products I want really quickly rather than having to wait for ages for load times. I definitely do far too much online shopping at the moment and could do with cutting back but it is a really fun way to kill a few hours on a weekend, I can even do this whilst my images are uploading to blog posts. 

YouTube & Disney + 

Any down time I have or if I just fancy crawling into bed early to watch something, I will just fire up the Macbook and get cosy whilst watching either YouTube or Disney + on this as the screen is absolutely amazing quality so I am watching my favourite content creators or shows in better quality than the TV in some cases. At the moment I do watch a lot more YouTube on the device than anything else as a lot of my favourite content creators are just creating great piece after great piece which keeps me entertained, but you can't beat an early night on a Sunday all cosy in bed watching Grey's Anatomy. 

Music & Podcasts

I have finally installed Spotify onto my Macbook which has been absolutely fantastic as it has meant I can just have this on the desk whilst I am cleaning and listen to my favourite podcasts or music whilst I do. Even if I am sat in the spare room blogging now I just have Spotify on in the background so I can listen to music without having any video distractions like I would if I had YouTube etc on. I am absolutely loving listening to my little playlist of throwback songs lately but you just can't beat a good podcast from time to time either. 

It is so good to have a device that can do everything I want it to really quickly and efficiently as it means I am getting a whole lot more done. My weekends have definitely become a whole lot more productive and I am noticing my content is getting a whole lot better due to the weekends I spend on the Macbook working on it at long last due to me not getting frustrated with any lag etc. I know this is going to be very beneficial for me for a long time especially as I do more and more content wise and make the most out of this device but for now this is the perfect way of getting everything done on a weekend. Do you spend a whole lot longer on your Macbook or laptop on a weekend? 

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