Recent Achievements 2021 #6

 Well it is safe to say that since the last recent achievements post between me and Liam we have managed to get a who lot more achievements as we have both played a fair bit more these past few months. It is safe to say we both spend more time gaming as the weather drops colder and I think you can see that with the achievements and trophies we have collected recently.  Neither of us bother about 100% a game but it is always nice when it pops up saying you have gained a new achievement or trophy and here is what we have got recently... 

Spider-Man Miles Morales 

I finally managed to roll the credits on Spider-Man Miles Morales recently and it is safe to say I picked up a fair few trophies whilst doing this. To say I don't bother looking for trophies I managed to gain 13 during my first playthrough and to be honest I enjoyed the game that much I am tempted to go back one day and try pick up some more. These were all easy to get because as I say I didn't actively go hunting for them. 

Assassins Creed Valhalla

Liam has finally managed to get Assassins Creed Valhalla installed and seems to be really enjoy playing it at the moment. Granted he isn't that far into the game but he has already managed to unlock 11 achievements during the game so far. I can see him getting plenty more as he continues playing through this as he is really trying to do everything during his time playing it. 

Super Lucky's Tale 

I haven't actually managed to play much Super Lucky's Tale these past few months due to a lack of gaming time and being busy with other games however, when me and my nephew were messing around on it on my birthday we did manage to pick up one more achievement. Fingers crossed I can get around to completing this game soon and pick up a few more achievements whilst doing so. 

Gears of War 

Finally me and Liam started a co-op play through of Gears of War Ultimate as I have never played any of those games before so we thought it would be fun to play them together. We haven't got very far into it at the moment but we have made a slow start and picked up 5 achievements in the process. I am hoping we can sit and play a bit more of this soon as I actually quite enjoyed it. 

To be honest I think the next recent achievement post we do is going to be even bigger as we are both playing a whole lot more and only plan on spending every spare minute gaming over the colder months that are approaching. Plus I have a fair few games to play through before the end of December to make sure I am clearing my backlog that little bit more to allow me to purchase new games at long last. 

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