Spider-Man : Miles Morales (PS5)

When it came to Christmas 2020 Liam asked me what game I wanted, as we always seem to get each other a game for Birthday or Christmas presents as it is the easiest option as we are both quite hard to buy for, I ended up picking Spider-Man : Miles Morales for the PS5. I really enjoyed playing Spider-Man on the PS4 so I wanted to see if Miles Morales lived up to the PS4 game and to be honest I didn't expect much from it but in the end I was hooked. Everything about the game was just as good as the PS4 Spider-Man game if not a little better due to the game running on the PS5. 

The graphics of this game were absolutely fantastic and I said a few times it felt like a movie rather than a video game at times especially when it came to cut scenes, the cinematics were just amazing and for a change I didn't actually want to skip them all or sit and play on my phone, I sat and watched them all with no issues at all. Even swinging through the streets the quality of the graphics looked brilliant and it was even better when it came to the characters faces, the detail it captured was great although I still aren't 100% sold on Peters new face. The only issue I actually had was the game glitching a few times whilst I was in combat which led to it crashing a few times which to be honest I didn't mind as it fixed itself pretty quickly plus even the still of the crash was quite nice to look at. 

Between playing the PS4 game and Miles Morales it was quite a few months so I honestly thought I would have relearn all the controls once again however, that wasn't totally the case. In fact I think I managed to pick the basic controls back up in around 5 minutes and I only started to struggle towards the end of the game as new moves were thrown into the mix. I did still struggle with getting into the swinging again but I had the same issue in the PS4 game so I kind of expected this before I even started the game. I once again really enjoyed the combat element of the game as thanks to the settings you can pick it wasn't too demanding for me and I could just enjoy playing the game rather than focusing on dying over and over again which happens far too much in other games. The only bit of combat I did find stressful though was when I came up against Rhino throughout the game at one stage I ended up giving the controller to Liam just to see if he could help me progress that little bit more and luckily it worked. I love the fact this game had so many difficulty settings as it meant that I could pick the perfect one for me that would keep me busy & entertained without being too difficult. 

The game did take a little bit of getting into as I felt as though I was just sat around watching the screen a lot for the first 10 minutes as there wasn't much to do but once I got into the game properly I absolutely loved it and didn't feel like I was just sat around at all as the game progressed. The game was great for a lot of things such as the story & game play but another thing I really enjoyed was the humour throughout the game especially with what came from Rhino during combat, there were a few times where I had a little chuckle at what he said. Just like with Spider-Man on PS4 I once again really enjoyed the music in the game and where I normally have my own music on in the background I didn't actually bother this time, I just listened to the game fully. 

This game really got me back into gaming as I before playing this game I hadn't really played much previously due to a lack of motivation and time but this had me hooked I made sure to make time so I could sit and game a few hours a week. This has serious helped me fall back in love with gaming and now I am really looking forward to starting my next game. I think this was the perfect game for this as it wasn't too long to roll the credits on although if you want to get 100% completion it will take you a little bit longer, I think once I have got through a few more games in the backlog I might go back and play a bit more of this to try do all those side missions I skipped over. Playing this has also made me want to go back and play Spider-Man on the PS5 this time around as Liam got me the Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, it would be great to see how the game originally released on the PS4 looks on the PS5. 

It is safe to say this game also got me hooked on Spider-Man once more and the house is slowly becoming filled with more and more merchandise, which I guess just goes to show how well Insomniac are doing with these Spider-Man games they are creating. Now I am on countdown for Spider-Man 2's release and it is safe to say it can't come soon enough for me. 

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