The Xbox Games I Can't Wait To Purchase

I don't know why but the Xbox for some reason always gets neglected in our house and it bugs me as there are so many great games out there that me and Liam could be playing either together or alone. When it comes to purchasing games at the moment we just seem to go for the PlayStation version and when it comes to exclusives to be honest we usually just skip them these days which is a bit ridiculous really as I know we are missing out on some fantastic games. The backlog is forever growing but I am determined to get through that slowly but surely and I haven't really picked up any new games recently meaning my wish list is getting bigger and bigger weekly. I am determined to get some of the games off my wish list for the Xbox though so that we get more use out of the console and here are the games that I would currently love to pick up for the Xbox... 

Halo Infinite is on the wish list ready for when it is released because it looks great from what I have seen shown so far, before I get this though I really need to play through the rest of the Halo games as it is a franchise I have always neglected due to me being very late to the Xbox party. Infinite looks like a game I could really enjoy and I will be keeping a close eye out for any information before its release before I make my mind up on buying it or not. 

I usually hate racing games as I am absolutely terrible at them however, for some reason I am finding myself drawn to Forza Horizon 5 more and more. From what I have seen of the game so far it looks like one that I could just have fun jumping in and out of races etc to pass a bit of time or if I only have a short amount of gaming time. Again though as it is something I haven't played before I will be looking into it a bit more before deciding whether to make the purchase or not. 

I haven't played a Sonic game in what feels like forever and honestly I couldn't tell you when I last bought one but since it was announced I have had my eyes on Sonic Colours Ultimate, I think this is one of those games that I could get lost in for hours at a time. I absolutely loved Sonic games when growing up so fingers crossed I can pick this up soon. 

It has been a while since I picked up a Madden game, but with my love for the NFL growing again, thanks Liam, I would love to pick up Madden 22 and sink far too many hours into it. I used to love sitting and playing the game previously so I would to see how the latest installment lives up to previous. Plus with us having multiple controllers for this console I think it could be fun to play against Liam. 

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Lego games but I think the last one I picked up was Lego Incredibles on the PS4. I have a fair few more that I would love to add to my Lego video game collection but the one I want to add the most is Lego DC Super Villains. If something involves Harley Quinn I need to give it a play through and the fact it is all villains makes it that bit better to me as they are my favourites. 

I have heard mixed things about Balan Wonderworld since it was released however, you can pick it up pretty cheap at the moment which means I am more than likely going to pick it up soon to give it a try for myself. It does seem like a fun game and if I don't end up liking it at least I will have give it a try rather than just listening to other peoples opinions. 

It has been a while since I have played a Crash Bandicoot game, mainly because I don't want to get stressed out playing games these days I would much rather relax. I am wanting to pick up Crash Bandicoot 4 some time soon though to see what it is all about as quite a few people have recommended this to me now. I just need to play it when I aren't already stressed from something else. 

Fighting games have slowly become a new favourite of mine mainly due to how fun i find them after a stressful day however, I have never actually played a Mortal Kombat game and that is why I have Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate on my wish list as I think it is finally time that I gave it a go. I am really looking forward to finally picking this one up now I just need to finish a few games out of my backlog so I can finally pick this up. 

I am really hoping to get my hands on these games soon as I really want to get back using the Xbox a lot more as it has so much potential and so many great games. So far the backlog challenge of 3 games complete for 1 new in is meaning that I can't get any games for a while so I really need to speed up playing what I have got so that I can finally get some new games to play through, with what is coming out soon I think I really need to create a real list to aim for as some of these games I have been waiting to play for a while now. I wonder what the first game off this list that I ma going to buy is going to be?

What would you purchase first off of this list? 

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