The PS5 1 Year Later...


It is safe to say 2021 has absolutely flown by and I honestly can't quite believe that we have now owned the PS5 for over a year. We were lucky enough to be able to pre-order one for release day so when November 19th 2020 rolled around we were treated to a shiny new console. The PlayStation has always been my main console so I made sure I got the PS5 before the Xbox Series X as I knew I would play on it a lot more. It is safe to say I am really glad we pre-ordered this as so far we are both impressed and with the shortages at the moment who knows how long we would have had to wait. 

The first 6 months of owning the console we didn't really get much time to play on it but over the past 6 months we have really increased our usage of the console and it has been great, I have got to play some fantastic games on the console that I might not have previously played. One highlight this past year has been getting to experience Astrobot's honestly I only played it as it was free but that game was a fantastic way to showcase the PS5 and the ability of the new controller. The PS5 game collection we have at the moment might be small as we try not to create much of a backlog but those PS5 games we have played so far such as Miles Morales have been fantastic, the quality of the graphics have been absolutely amazing and it has been a pleasure to play through the games as I have just been able to get on with playing rather than the system going really slow. I am really looking forward to adding more PS5 games to my collection in the future but the price of the games does scare me a little bit so I think in some cases I will be waiting for games to go into the sale. At least PlayStation are keeping us stocked up on free PS5 games though if we have PS Plus. 

It has taken me a while but I have finally got used to the controller for the PS5, at first it was a bit of a struggle as I found it a bit chunkier than its predecessor and a bit heavier so it was a bit hard for me to play for a long period of time without my hands starting to ache however, now that I have got used to it I find it so much easier to use and I am actually starting to prefer it over the PS4 controller. I just wish the controller wasn't white though as it gets far too dirty too quickly and I seem to be forever trying to clean it especially if Liam plays on it after work. The overall design of the console though is definitely growing on me and I am absolutely loving how it looks by the side of the TV, at first I thought it would look ridiculous with how big it is but honestly it is far from it. 

The PS4 we have is one of the original 500gb ones and every time it boots up it makes a racket and sounds like a plane taking off, so a big added bonus for me now is that the PS5 is so quiet. On start up you can barely hear the fans or any noise from it at all really even when gaming you can't hear anything other than your game which is absolutely fantastic and means I can enjoy my game a whole lot more. I have noticed that the controller battery seems to die really quickly though which is a bit of a nightmare as I hate been restricted by the wire as it is charging, I think we both just need to get into the routine of plugging it in when it is idle though as this should easily solve that problem. 

Even games seem to install on the PS5 a whole lot quicker and even with our terrible internet I am managing to play games a lot sooner than I was previously, installing a game on the PS4 could take a few days but on the PS5 it only seems to be a few hours which is fantastic and also means I am getting through my backlog that bit quicker than previously as there is less time waiting around. In terms of the interface I am still getting my head around that and I don't think that switching between the PS5 and Series X is helping me get to grips with this any quicker but at the end of the day I know how to do what I need and where to find things so I guess the interface isn't really an issue at all. Liam is even playing on the console a lot more than he has previous ones, this might be down to his PC being broke but when he is on the PS5 he seems to be enjoying his experience which is always good to see. I am just really glad we managed to get a PS5 on release day as I am enjoying playing on it a fair bit more than I did the PS4 as the experience just seems seamless at the moment, granted that might change in the next year or so but for now I am absolutely loving the PS5. 

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