What We Are Playing (19th November)

It is finally the weekend again and I am looking forward to this one as it isn't just one trip to watch the football we actually have one on Saturday and one on Sunday which means a fun filled weekend with Sunday afternoon spent writing a match reports and sorting through lots of photos. We are even doing a bit more work in the games room on Saturday morning which should be fun and hopefully mean we are one step closer to getting everything moved back into the room, which I can't wait for as our house is a mess at the moment with games room bits dotted all over the place. I am hoping that we can have a bit of time gaming this weekend too and here is what we are hoping to play... 


I made a start on the Lego Incredibles last week and ended up completing two of the chapters so I am hoping that this weekend I can get a few more complete so I am closer to completing the game. I aren't sure what to make of it just yet so let's hope playing through a bit more gets me enjoying it. If I get the chance I will also be hoping to get through a bit more Super Lucky's Tale as I am very slowly making progress through that game. 


I will just be sticking to one game like I have done for the past couple of weeks now, Red Dead 2, I am really making progress on this and I am hoping to make even more this weekend as I am really enjoying what I am playing so far and look forward to picking up the controller to play even more. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed we both have plenty of time to sit and play what we want to and lets hope Lego Incredibles isn't a let down and that I actually enjoy playing it after getting through a few more chapters. 

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