December 2021 New In

Well it is safe to say that December has flown by just like the rest of 2021, and after saying I was going to focus on buying gifts for others more than myself i can honestly say that didn't go to plan. I have definitely ended up treating myself and some of the items have been on the pricey side of things. A few of the items though have been things I have wanted for a while whilst others were definitely spur of the moment purchases. So here is what I picked up during December...  

Whilst I was away at the start of December I saw this Stitch cup in a shop and had to go in and purchase it. Anyone who knows me will know just how much I love Stitch and this year thanks to Liam and his love of white mocha's I have grown a real love for Starbucks too so this cup ticked all the boxes. I know it is a Christmas cup but no doubt it will be used all year round. 

The same shop that were selling the Stitch cup were also selling this really nice Nightmare Before Christmas set and as soon as I saw it I thought that Liam would love it too as the film is one of his all time favourites. The wine bottle has lights in it and looks fantastic lit up on an evening and the wine glasses look great too, I think the bottle will be on display all year round and the wine glasses will be brought out each Christmas. 

Did I need another pair of Converse? Definitely not but how could I pass on the opportunity to own these brilliant Pokemon ones. As soon as I saw these Pokemon ones being advertised by Schuh I knew they needed to be added to my collection. I absolutely love these Converse and really can't wait to get wearing them, I just don't want to ruin them. 

I already have a few of these lights in the games room, one is batman and the other is the Joker, which sit proudly on the DC shelf in our new games room. I got this Spider-Man version after a very long time of looking and it is now sitting proudly on the Spider-Man shelf in the games room and it looks brilliant. 

I finally caved and purchased Pokemon Shining Pearl for myself. It has definitely been a while since I have had a Pokemon game and I was going to get this on release day however, I kept putting it off. Whilst I was away though I thought it was time I treated myself as I really want to play the Switch more and I think this is the perfect way to get me to pick up the Switch over any other device. I can't wait to get started on this. 

I am determined that in the new year I am going to massively reduce my spending as there are a few things I want to get saving for and making silly purchases like I have this year isn't going to help. Fingers crossed I can try stick to a budget next year and only buy the things I really, really need or have wanted for a while. Next year will be useful purchases only and games will only be purchased when I have cleared more of the backlog unless it is a Switch game which I am still trying to get game options for. 

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