Overall 2021 Favourites

Where has 2021 gone? We had so many plans for the year and I seemed to blink and the year disappeared and to be honest thanks to how fast the year has gone and just how busy it has been there was no chance of getting the stuff we wanted done but I aren't even mad in the slightest as it has actually been a great year overall. So here are my favourite things from 2021... 

Film & TV

Grey's Anatomy 

I aren't quite sure what got me started on Grey's Anatomy but WOW I am so glad I did start watching the show. I have basically only watched this show since starting it in August I believe and it has me hooked. There is just something about this show where I can't get enough of it and poor Liam has even ended up sitting and suffering through some episodes as he isn't a fan. I honestly don't want to get caught up on the show though as I don't want to have to sit around waiting for episodes, I like that if there is a cliff hanger I can jump straight into the next episode. 


Lauren Jauregui 

I feel like I have had to wait forever for Lauren Jauregui to bring out her own music rather than just the odd song her and there and we were really spoiled with her EP Prelude. I have had this on repeat since its release in November and it think it has set up perfectly for the direction her solo career is going to go. Each song is absolutely brilliant and I can honestly say I don't skip a single song from it. I am really looking forward to seeing what 2022 holds for Lauren Jauregui and hopefully that includes a UK tour. 

Demi Lovato 

We saw the return of Demi Lovato in 2021 too with their new album and I am not ashamed to say that the album absolutely dominated my Spotify wrapped. Again each song was brilliant and I would listen to the album in its entirety rather than skipping past songs which doesn't happen too often. It is hard to narrow down a favourite from the album but it would have to be either 15 minutes or easy. 


Canon Camera 

The camera has come in very handy in 2021 and we have certainly had the most use out of it. Whether it has been taking pictures for the blogs or at football games this camera has been perfect. I am so glad we opted for this one as it has helped us produce some absolutely brilliant images over the course of the year. This was definitely an investment when we purchased it and it is certainly an investment that has paid off. I am sure we are going to get even more use out of this over the course of 2022 but it has been a very strong feature in 2021. 


Just as the camera was really beneficial throughout the year so was the Macbook Pro we purchased in 2020. The Macbook has allowed us to be a whole lot more productive throughout the year with its speeds and portability. Thanks to this I have been able to sort out blog things at work and at home when I haven't needed the PC setting up or when I have wanted to work out of a different room. Having this for the whole year has certainly made me a lot more productive and I can't wait to see what else will happen with it in 2022 as I make the most out of the device. 

We have had a full year with the PS5 and it is very safe to say it is one of the best purchases I have made. Both me and Liam have loved our time with the console so far and it has really reignited my love for gaming once more. I seem to have played on the console a lot more over the course of the year than I had the PS4 in previous years. It has been so much easier to play on too with the quick load times and fantastic graphics.


Life Is Strange 

As soon as this game was announced I knew I was going to be getting it and Liam ended up getting me it for my birthday which I am so grateful for as this game was fantastic from start to end. It just solidified the Life is Strange series as one of my favourites and I really need another installment already. I am so glad I got this game on the PS5 too as I really think it gave me the best experience possible with it. 

Miles Morales 

The Miles Morales game on the PS5 really has a lot to answer for. I absolutely loved every second of my play through of this and I found myself eager to have some free time to play it, the graphics were great as was the story line, it really had me hooked. It has also reignited my love for all things Spider-Man, in fact it is that bad I even have a Spider-Man shelf in the games room. I love how much influence on me the game has had and I am really looking to the next Spider-Man game that is released. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from 2021 . What have you been loving throughout 2021?

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