November 2021 New In

I really don't know where all my money has gone in November, well to be honest I do as we have had to buy all new bits for the games room thanks to us getting that redone, the items for that aren't in this post though as I will be doing a full post showing you around the room once it is finally complete and those items will be in that post. I did manage to pick up a fair few treats for myself though and here is what I picked up. 

When me and my sister went into Home Bargains recently I ended up getting her a Disney mug for Christmas that she picked and at £2.49 I couldn't resist getting an Ursula one for myself. This is a taller mug than I usually have so it should be good for those early morning gaming sessions on a weekend.  

Oh look another Spider-Man graphic novel. My Spider-Man graphic novel collection is growing quite quickly at the moment and I have finally managed to add the Miles Morales Spider Verse graphic novel into that growing collection. I am really looking forward to sitting down and reading this one. 

I said earlier in the month to Liam that I wanted to start reading more so when we went to Waterstones Liam talked me into purchasing a new book to try help get me reading that bit more instead of just reading books we had at home that we have read a fair bit. I had looked at One of us is lying in the past and was tempted to buy it then so I made sure to pick it up at long last. 

With One of us is lying being on buy one get one half price I made the most of the offer and took my time looking around the store before deciding on a second book to purchase. After a good look around I ended up picking up Afterlove, I don't know why but this game really jumped out at me and after a quick read to see what it was about I ended up picking up the book and I am really looking forward to reading it. 

It seems to have become a common theme of me picking up a Funko Pop each month and this month is no different. I finallly managed to find another of the missing Miles Morales Funko's from my collection and as it was the only one left on the shelf so there was no way I was leaving it behind. 

When I was getting the Funko I just mentioned this Programmable Matter one was hidden behind the Pop next to it so I ended up picking this one up too as again it wasn't missing from my collection and I had been struggling to find it. I think now I am close to having all the Miles Morales Pops. 

I have had my Switch Lite since the start of the year and haven't had a case for it up until now. To be honest I just kept forgetting about picking up a case for it whilst I was out and about and if I did need to put it in a case I just stole Liam's. When I saw this was only £3.99 I decided it was time to have a case of my own, it is perfect timing too with a trip away coming up. 

I wasn't planning on buying an Xbox game but when I found Balan Wonderworld for just £10 I couldn't resist it. I have seen this game absolutely slated on reviews but for £10 I thought I would give it a try for myself. I am actually looking forward to getting around to playing this soon and making my own mind up on the game. 

I now I wasn't meant to be buying many games but our Switch game selection is seriously lacking. I have been after a Mario game for a while now as I can't remember the last time I actually played one. I actually struggled on which game to buy but in the end I settled on Super Mario 3D World + Bowsers Fury. I am really looking forward to getting started on this. 

I am hoping that Decembers post could be even smaller than this because it will be Christmas so I don't need to be going out and buying loads of items although there are a few bits I have my eye on so who knows there might be a few pick ups for the month. For now though I am looking forward to getting stuck into these books, graphic novels and eventually the games. 

What was your favourite pick up from the month of November? 

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