What We Are Playing (10th December)


Well it is finally the weekend again and after a busy fun filled week it is looking like it is going to be a busy weekend for us too with football on Saturday & Sunday. We are hoping to go out on Saturday for something to eat and have a few drinks too so we aren't going to have as much free time as we hoped for unless the weather spoils our plans. There might not be a lot of time for gaming but fingers crossed we can play a few games that we are hoping to make progress in. Here is what we are hoping to play... 


I still haven't managed to play any more Lego Incredibles so I am hoping that this weekend I can get through a bit more of that to finally get closer to the end and tick it off my backlog list, if I can get this completed I will be super happy but I think I am a fair bit off that yet so any progress will be helpful. Now the gaming PC is back up and running I am also hoping to progress a bit more through Scribblenauts too as I have actually missed playing this whilst I haven't had access to my gaming PC. 


I finally have a gaming PC again and I can now let Lucy play on the consoles whenever she likes as most of my time is going to be spent on my PC from now on. With me not having the PC I have actually missed playing World of Warcraft so I am hoping to play a lot of that this weekend whilst also playing Skyrim too as I really enjoy that game. If I get chance I would love to play a bit more Mount & Blade 2 as again this is something I have missed playing whilst I had no PC.

So there you go fingers crossed we can get some time in for gaming and to be honest with the weather forecast who knows how this weekend is actually going to play out although I am really hoping we do get to both the games of football but then again a full day of gaming in the new games room does sound good too. 

What are you playing this weekend? 

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