What We Are Playing (3rd December)


How are we in the final month of the year already? 2021 seems to have passed us by in the blink of an eye and to be honest I am now just on countdown to 2022 as I am hoping to elevate my content and make it the best it has ever been but that is a story for another day. The final month of the year is also going to be our first full month in our lovely new games room, there are still a few little bits left to do in the room but it is now filled with our consoles and figures once more and it is actually a really comfortable and cosy place for us to play our games or for me to sit and blog so fingers crossed I can get back to been more consistent with the posts I do. This weekend is actually going to be a nice relaxed one for a change, no doubt I will be doing a fair bit of blogging but other than that and a meal out on Saturday I don't think we actually have any plans for a change. It is going to be nice to have plenty of time to sit and play some games so here is what we are hoping to play... 


It is nice to know that I am actually going to have a nice relaxed weekend at home for a change and I am really looking forward to the change of pace. I will be doing some blogging and planning for the new year but I am hoping to have plenty of time for gaming too. I am hoping to make a bit more progress through Lego Incredibles as I am still trying to get into that and get it out of the backlog. I am also hoping to spend a bit more time playing through Scribblenauts as I have missed playing that whilst I have had no access to my gaming PC. Who knows I might get the chance to jump onto FIFA 22 again as I need to continue trying out the different modes and I need to get some more Squad Battle rewards. 


I am still waiting for my PC to arrive and if it arrives this weekend that is my weekend gone as I will be installing everything on it that I need to, I am really hoping it does too as I am missing playing football manager and World of Warcraft. No doubt I will also be jumping back into a bit more FIFA at some point and even Outerworlds as I have restarted playing that this week and I am really enjoying it again. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed it all goes to plan and I can get some blog things sorted and get plenty of gaming done too. I am enjoying this pace of life at the moment and to be honest building up to Christmas I think we are going to have plenty of weekends like it. Now let's try progress through some more games.

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