How I Use The Macbook On A Weekend With No Football


I seem to have developed a bit of a daily routine when I use my Macbook and I am actually using the device consistently on a daily basis and really getting my monies worth out of it. When I got the Macbook I don't think I actually anticipated using it half as much as I do but my productivity has generally increased since purchasing it. Here is what a typical weekend day when we don't have plans looks like for me when I am using the Macbook...

As soon as I wake up I will lean over and pick up the Macbook and start by loading up my emails just to have a scroll through to see if anything interesting has been sent since I previously checked them. Once my emails have been checked I close that tab down and head over to Twitter & Facebook for a quick check of those feeds to see what is going on and what friends have been posting, I normally only do this for 15 minutes but if it has been an interesting evening previous such as an awards night I will spend a little bit more on Twitter. 

When I have had enough of scrolling through social media I will head onto YouTube for a bit to watch any videos that have landed in my subscription box that looking interesting to me. I can usually spend an hour or so catching up on these videos before finally making a real start to my day. Once it is time to start the day I will put some music on through Spotify or YouTube and finally make a start on my blogging for the day. 

I will start by spending an hour or so just uploading and sorting any images I need for the posts I am working on then it will be time to get on with actually writing some blog posts. I try to write 3 or 4 blog posts before I stop for lunch, just so I get a big chunk of blog work out of the way. Before I do break for lunch I will quickly pull up the Notion app just to update the progress of things so I know where I stand on each piece I am working on. Whilst I am having my lunch I will usually just do a bit of online shopping on the Macbook, 9 times out of 10 this is just window shopping but every now and then I might end up buying something. 

Once I have had my lunch and a bit of a break I will then head back to my emails and clear any junk I received throughout the morning which is usually a lot from different online stores that I need to unsubscribe from. I will then go back to my social media channels and update those whilst also scrolling through to see if anything interesting is going on. Once all that is done it is a case of uploading some blog posts and finishing off any posts that need doing from the morning, sometimes I will also make a start on a new post if I feel like it too just to get ahead of myself a little bit. I will usually do this for a few hours before updating Notion one final time and calling it a day for blogging. This is when I will go off and do something else such as play a game before picking the Macbook up for one last time for the evening to watch some YouTube before going to sleep. 

I am absolutely loving using the Macbook on a daily basis and I have finally installed a few more programmes so I can do a lot more with the Macbook in 2022 and really improve my content and productivity. I have now got programmes that are going to help me when it comes to editing any videos or images which is going to be very handy when it comes to some plans for the new year. I am definitely still loving this device and really can't wait to get even more out of it. 

The Macbook is definitely going to continue to be used daily throughout 2022 and to be honest I think my time on it is just going to keep increasing as we step it up a gear for all our blogs in the new year. 

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