November 2021 Favourites

I am not quite sure where November has gone, I seem to have blinked and it has disappeared. I can't quite believe we are now into the final month of the year but with how fast November went I am sure we will be celebrating New Years in 2 minutes. November was a great month and to be honest I thought life would have quietened down a bit by now with the festive period approaching however, was just as busy as the previous months but it was still fun with days out and making progress with jobs in the house. So here are my favourite things from the month of November... 

Film & TV

Olaf Presents 

 In November we had Disney + day and we had some brilliant new things added to the streaming platform however, strangely enough my favourite thing added was actually Olaf Presents and I have watched it probably far too many times already but it is so funny and is such easy watching, even Liam watched it and laughed along. I think I need to watch this again but with my nephew as he will love it. 


Lauren Jauregui 

Oh look another month with Lauren Jauregui in my favourites. I just can't get enough of her Prelude album which you will have seen numerous times on the blog lately. Her album has been on repeat throughout the month of November after its release at the start of the month. Her vocals on the album are just amazing and all the songs get stuck in my head, I honestly can't think of a bad song from her and I love just shuffling all her music on Spotify now. 


Canon Camera 

Our camera came in very handy in November with blog pictures needing taking and football to attend. This camera has definitely been worth every penny since we purchased it and I am honestly surprised with how much we actually use it. When we bought it I was only planning on using it for outfit pictures for my other blog however, at the moment we are using it for a whole lot more content wise and it is great seeing the images we create with it. I can't wait to get using this camera a whole lot more in the future but for November it served us well. 

Gaming PC

I definitely missed my gaming PC whilst we were having the games room done and it was tucked away in the spare room but since the games room is basically complete now and the PC is back in the room it has been fantastic. This came back into the room towards the end of the November and I have been on it basically everyday since either blogging or playing some games. I am just so glad to have this back and I can't wait to spend more time in the games room creating content again hopefully my productivity increases once again. 


Life Is Strange 

I waited so long to play Life is Strange True Colors and as soon as it was announced I knew I wanted to get it for the PS5 and play through it. Liam actually got me this for my birthday in September and I finally got the chance to start and finish it in November. This game was so good and it had me absolutely gripped with what was happening. I actually got up early to play this before a day out and then I stayed up a lot later than usual to complete it which hasn't happened when it comes to me gaming in a long time. I will definitely be going back through and playing all the Life is Strange games at some point as this installment has just solidified the franchise as one of my favourites. 

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of November. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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