What We Are Playing (17th December)

It is the final weekend before Christmas and for once it is actually a really quiet one for us so it looks like we should both have plenty of time available to make some progress in the games we are playing. As we are approaching Christmas things are really starting to slow down for us and honestly I am actually quite far ahead when it comes to blogging too so I finally have more free time than I have all year. Granted a fair bit of this free time is being spent working on ideas for the blogs for the next year and making sure I have things in place to get those up and running however, I have learnt that I really do need to make time for myself too so I will be making sure I switch off and play some games for a fair bit. So here is what we are hoping to play this weekend... 

Whilst I was away the other week I made a start on Saints Row Re Elected on the Switch and I actually got through a fair few missions and really enjoyed playing it when I had the chance. I am really hoping that I can get through a bit more of this game as I am really enjoying it and want to see how the game progresses. I will also be continuing my play through of the Lego Incredibles as I am still very slowly progressing that as I just can't get into it like I have been able to with previous Lego games, fingers crossed this weekend I can get close to completing it as it has been dragging on a bit now. 

I am absolutely loving having my gaming PC back as it means I can finally get back to playing my favourite games which I have definitely missed. I will be playing a lot more of Football Manager 22 as I have been really enjoying playing that since I got it the other week. I will also be playing World of Warcraft a bit more over the weekend as again I have been enjoying playing that once again. No doubt I will also be jumping into a bit more Mount & Blade as I seem to have gone back to that too. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, fingers crossed things go to plan and we can get plenty of gaming done because as it stands there is only Christmas present wrapping and a few blog bits to sort then the rest is looking like a lot of gaming. 

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