What We Are Playing (24th December)


The final weekend of the year and one that is going to be filled with plenty of celebrating as it also involves Christmas day. Other than the celebrations on Christmas day we both have a fair bit of free time which we can spend on gaming as our Sunday plans have ended up cancelled. Fingers crossed we can both enjoy plenty of time spent playing games we already own and just relaxing for the end of the year instead of every day being 100 mph. So here is what we are hoping to be playing this Christmas and the final weekend of 2021... 


I haven't picked up the Switch since I got back from my little holiday and to be honest I am quite missing playing Saints Row so I think this weekend is going to be a case of just lounging around and playing this, especially on Christmas Eve as I know we are just going to be having a really relaxed night of films and just doing whatever we want, at least with the Switch I can game from anywhere. I have decided that I am going to put Lego Incredibles to one side for a bit as I am just not enjoying the game and to be honest it is making me not want to play anything so I am going to swap it for the chance to play Tell Me Why on the Xbox, this has been a game I have wanted to play for a while now so I can't wait to see what it is like, who knows I might get it completed before the new year but I don't hold out much hope of that happening. 


It is just going to be a typical weekend in terms of gaming for me as I am still spending a lot of time at my gaming PC. I will of course be playing a lot more World of Warcraft throughout the holiday as it is safe to say I have really got into that once again. When I aren't playing World of Warcraft I will once again be jumping into Football Manager 22 as I am enjoying watching my team progress and just generally getting lost in this game. 

Who knows the games might change a little if we end up receiving games as a gift but as it stands we are both just looking forward to switching off and relaxing for a bit with a good game as it is very long overdue.

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