Recent Achievements 2021 #7

It is safe to say even with the lack of games room both me and Liam still managed to spend a fair few hours on the consoles making progress in our games. In fact I would go as far as saying we had even managed to play a lot more than previous months. Neither of us are bothered with achievement or trophy hunting however, since our last achievements post we have definitely managed to accumulate a fair few achievements and trophies through the games we have been playing. So here is what we have unlocked recently... 

The Outerworlds

Liam went back to playing The Outerworlds for the first time in a long time and he has managed to unlock another 4 trophies during his play through so far. He originally started this game back in 2020 before moving onto something else but I can see him finally rolling the credits on the game in the very near future. It definitely seems to be a game he is enjoying. 

Lego Incredibles

I have made a start on playing through Lego Incredibles, a game which has been in my backlog for the longest time. To be honest I am really struggling to get into this game but it has been nice to grab a few trophies during the very little I have played of the game so far. Fingers crossed by the time we do another achievements post this game will be done and out of my backlog.

Life is Strange : True Colors

I loved ever second whilst playing through True Colors and I managed to pick up a few trophies as I went along. This game was absolutely fantastic and the trophies are actually quite easy to find so I think at some point I am going to revisit this game and try find the rest of the trophies, who knows this might end up being my first ever platinum trophy.

Super Lucky's Tale

I am very slowly making my way through Super Luckys Tale still and as I am playing it I seem to be unlocking quite a few achievements as I go along. This game is so easy to jump in and out of and I am actually loving every second that I play of it. I honestly thought I would have been bored by now but I look forward to playing it. 

So there you have it those are the achievements and trophies me and Liam have achieved lately. I think that next year we are going to end up unlocking more than we have done this year and I just can't wait to do even more gaming. 

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