The Books I Can't Wait To Purchase

 I am trying to read more this year alongside improving my mental health and the way that I see myself so I am wanting to add a few more books to my bookshelves that are going to help me achieve what I am aiming for. Some of these books have been on the wish list a long time where as some are fairly new additions that have been adding after me browsing online for a while. So here are the books I would love to purchase and read in the very near future...

Liv Cooke is a football freestyler who I have followed on social media for a very long time now. I love her content and see is honestly a big inspiration on how she has grown and how well she is doing for herself. This book has been on my wish list since I saw it was being released and I am really looking forward to finally getting my hands on this. 

Over the Christmas period I kept seeing this book and kept getting tempted by it but never actually made the purchase. I think it is about time I did pick this up though as those that I know have read it have really enjoyed it. From the reviews I have seen it is definitely going to be one I enjoy. 

Atomic Habits has been on the wish list for the longest time but I just haven't got around to purchasing it yet as I didn't just want it sat unread for the longest time. I have seen so many people who have read this and really rated it so I think it is time I finally purchased it and hopefully it will help me make some small changes that will really benefit my life. 

This is a very new addition to the book wish list but I am really looking forward to picking this up and hopefully I will really benefit from reading this book. I actually only discovered this book thanks to scrolling through Amazon for Christmas gifts but for some reason it really jumped out at me and after looking at it a little bit more I think it will be great for me. 

Finally we have Good Vibes, Good Life which again has been a book I have wanted to purchase for a very long time but just haven't got around to it yet due to my lack of reading. This book was all over my YouTube subscription box a while ago and it stood out to me straight away so I think now I am hoping to read a lot more I will be picking this up at long last, in fact it might be one of the first I pick up. 

So there you go I am really hoping to get back into reading and bettering myself so let's hope this year I can get through a lot of the books I already own as well as hopefully getting plenty of the books off this list to help with those improvements. I have set my reading goal and I am working towards that currently and I think I can hit that goal and make improvements along the way. 

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