My Thoughts On The Latest Nintendo Direct


The other week Nintendo treated us to another Nintendo Direct and after been let down by previous ones I wasn't going into this one with high expectations. They certainly disappoint this this time around though and some of the announcements have definitely made me excited for what is to come for the Switch this year. This Direct seemed to focus on what is to come to for the first half of the year and let's just say I am sure I heard my bank account crying as each announcement was shown as I know there are a few on this list that will definitely be purchased as soon as possible. This Direct came at the right time for me too as my love for the Switch is growing once more so hopefully seeing all these games coming out will just help keep that love growing and mean that I get a whole lot more use out of the Switch than I have in previous years. So here is how the Direct went and my thoughts on the games that were announced...

Fire Emblem Warriors Free Hope - Now I have never played a Fire Emblem game as they have never really appealed to me however, this one really looks interesting to me and I am not sure why but it could possibly be down to my taste in games changing a little bit. This is definitely different to what I would usually play but I am definitely going to look into it a bit more as I think it could be one I enjoy. 

Advanced Wars 1&2 Re Boot Camp - This game definitely doesn't interest me as I am not a fan of turn based games but I am sure those whole love that style of game will be looking forward to this one. 

No Mans Sky - This is a game I have been looking at for a while on the PlayStation and now it is coming to the Nintendo Switch. This game definitely looks interesting but I am not sure if I would pick it up for the Switch or PlayStation, I do think the PlayStation could just win the battle though if I did end up picking it up. 

Mario Strikers Battle League - Now this announcement is the one I was most excited for as Mario Strikers was one of my favourite Wii games. I love football and Mario so it ticks all the boxes for me and I can see it easily becoming one of my most played games when I do pick it up. This is going to be great to play once again and I am looking forward to introducing my nephew to it as he said he wanted a Mario football game. The fact you can play with 8 players on 1 console I think it is safe to say it is a game for all the family and this will be brought out when they are all round at our house. Roll on the 10th of June. 

Splatoon 3 - I have never played a Splatoon game either as previously it has just never appealed to me but with the hype surrounding this game I have been looking into it a whole lot more and I am now on the fence about picking this version up. It does look really fun and enjoyable which makes me understand why others like it so much but I just aren't sure if it is a game for me. This could be a sale purchase if I do pick it up. 

Front Mission 1st - This is a remake of the original and to be honest i don't think I will be bothering this as it is a tactical game, one that I aren't too keen on in the first place. I think this game would be more suited to Liam than me. 

Disney Speedstorm - This combat racer game is free to play and you get to play as classic Disney characters so what more could you possibly want? This game actually looks really good and the tracks look quite good too. As a big Disney fan I think I might end up having a good at this game just to see if it is as good as it looks and seen as it is free to play why not give it a try. 

Stars Wars The Force Unleashed - I remember playing this game on the Wii and enjoying it so I think if I can get this on the cheap I will end up getting it for the Switch. I absolutely love Star Wars and Star Wars games so it is a strong purchase contender. 

Assassins Creed Ezio Collection - I have always loved Assassins Creed games but my favourites have always been the ones involving Ezio, so I will definitely be picking up the Ezio collection once I have completed some other games as I think playing as my favourite character whilst on the go is going to be great. 

SD Gundam Battle Alliance - I actually started getting into the world of Gundam's towards the end of 2021 and still have one that I need to build. This game looks great though and I think it could help my love for everything Gundam grow even more than it already is. Let's just hope picking this game up doesn't lead to me buying more and more Gundam's to build. 

Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers Edition - This game is another remaster but unfortunately after what was shown I just don't think that it is a game for me so I won't be considering picking this one up. 

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - This is another game that I am tempted to get as close to release day as possible as it looks fantastic. I have never played a Kirby game before but this looks like it is going to be my first.  I never used to be bothered with platformer games but lately I am seeming to be leaning towards them so this could could be the perfect game to be added to the collection. I think it is that mouthful mode that sold me.

MLB The Show 22 - I don't remember the last time I played a baseball game and honestly I don't think I will be starting again anytime soon. This game does look good but to be honest if I did get it at all it would probably be on the Xbox rather than the Switch.

Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece for Cloud - I still have all the Kingdom Hearts games to play on my PlayStation and they have been in the backlog for a long time so I wont be getting them on the Switch. Plus with it needing an internet connection as it is cloud based I just don't think I would enjoy it for worrying about connection dropping out mid game.

Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series - This is a game that I am going to be looking into a bit more as it does look good and with me enjoying side scrollers a bit more lately I think it is one I could enjoy, maybe after looking into it a bit more my mind might change but for now I am interested. 

Portal Companion Collection - If I didn't already have these games for the PC I think I could easily have picked them up for the Switch but honestly I don't need another version of them. I absolutely loved Portal and can't wait to play Portal 2, if you haven't played the games before I would definitely recommend picking these up as they are so much fun.

Live a Live - This game is making its long awaited debut out of Japan however, from what i have seen it just isn't for me. It just didn't catch my attention or look like it would appeal to me but for those who like that type of game I am sure it will be worth the wait.

Switch Sports - Oh look another game that I will be purchasing hopefully on release day but this one won't just be for me as it is bound to provide plenty of entertainment for me & Liam and our family at gatherings, I can't wait to introduce my nephew to the game. Wii Sports is coming to the Switch with bowling and tennis bound to be played for hours on end, it also involves football where you can use the joycon attached to your leg to actually kick the 'ball' which is surely going to create plenty of entertainment. 

Taiko No Tatsujin Rhythm Festival - This game just looks strange to me and I aren't too sure about it to be honest, it does look like it could be fun but I just doesn't look like it is for me.  

Triangle Strategy - I seem to be seeing this game quite a bit recently and the more I see it the more I am not sure if it is a game for me. Originally I wanted to purchase the game but the more I see it the more I am thinking it isn't quite for me as it is looking less like a game I am going to enjoy. 

Cuphead The Delicous Last Course - This paid DLC is one that I know Cuphead lovers are going to love but for me it is a no go. I have never played Cuphead and from what I have heard about the game I don't think I ever will. 

Metroid Dread - This game is getting a free update and from what was shown it looks great for those who already own the game. I still haven't picked this one up and honestly I aren't sure if I ever will but it does look like quite a good game. 

Earthbound & Earthbound Beginnings - This game looked quite interesting, it is another remaster but I have never played the original as I was a very young when it was originally released and I was never really a Nintendo gamer growing up other than playing on the Gameboy. I think I will be looking into this a bit more though as it does look quite interesting and like I could end up enjoying it. 

Zombie Army 4 Dead War - I will be completely honest, I aren't a fan of Zombie games at all so this one definitely isn't for me but if you are a Zombie game fan then it looks like it could be a good one for you. 

Getsufumaden: Undying Moon - They didn't actually show us much about this game but from what they did show it looked quite fun. I will definitely be looking into this game a bit more as I think it could be a game that I end up picking up later down the line. 

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba : The Hinokami Chronicles - Now I honestly aren't to bothered with this game as I don't really know much about Demon Slayer anyway, but I am sure for fans of the anime this could be a good game. 

Lego Brawl - Now this game definitely seems a bit more up my street with my love for Lego games, it just looks like a fun fighting game that is easy to jump in and out of. It definitely looks like my style of game and I think even the nephew could get to grips with it and have fun with it. I will be making sure I look into this a bit more before deciding if I want to go ahead and purchase it or not. 

Two Point Campus - I will be definitely looking into this game a bit more and no doubt I will end up buying it as I had so much fun with Two Point Hospital. These games are just so chilled to play and I have so much fun with this style of game. If it is like Two Point Hospital I know I will enjoy playing this. 

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Remastered Tracks - Some classic tracks from previous games are coming to Mario Kart 8 deluxe as part of a paid DLC with 48 new courses coming to the game by the end of 2023. This announced has just made me more determined to pick up Mario Kart 8 in 2022 as for some reason I just keep putting it off. 

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - I have never played a Xenoblade game before and to be honest I haven't even seen much about them however, after this announcement it has gained my interest. I am actually really tempted to pick this game up especially if it ends up dropping in price later on down the line but who knows if I will end up with the game in the end or not. As for now I am just going to watch bits that we see announced from it to see if my interest stays. 

This Nintendo Direct was definitely the best one I have seen for a while with some absolutely brilliant announcements made and plenty for us gamers to get excited about. I know for sure that I can't wait to pick up a whole host of these games and work my way through them at my own pace and really enjoy them. This Direct definitely came at the right time for me with my love for the Switch really growing and I think it is safe to say the Switch game collection is going to increase a fair bit this year. 

What are you looking forward to picking up from this Direct? 

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