We Finally Caved And Purchased Adobe Lightroom

 It has been a long time coming but final in December we took the plunge and finally subscribed to Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom, I did this as I have been wanting to improve on my photography for all my sites plus with a little project me and Liam are working on I wanted our photography based content to be the best it could possibly be to show off what we are capable of. Originally I was going to wait until further into 2022 to purchase the plan but in December I was super motivated to stop putting things off and get everything I wanted for content before the end of the year. 

Granted I might have got the plan in December but I didn't actually start using Lightroom until mid January as time was just getting away with me and honestly I just didn't have two minutes spare to try get to grips with the programme and I wanted to be able to sit and play around with it rather than be thrown in at the deep end. I am definitely still in the early stages of using the programme and you can tell as I am still struggling on how to get the best out of it as it is taking some getting used to but I have edited a few pictures so far and I am happy with what I have created. 

I definitely believe this is going to become a frequently used programme on my Macbook though as it is going to be the perfect addition for our new little project plus I think it is going to make our Instagram accounts look brilliant. I honestly think between me and Liam we will be jumping on here after every photo shoot and spending time making the images look the best they possibly can do. 

The images we have edited so far have been great and the screen quality on the Macbook just really helps perfect the image and get the colours just right. Like I say it has been fun to mess around with so far but I am really looking forward to just having a few hours one day to sit and learn more about what I can get out of Lightroom. I will be sitting down to watch some YouTube videos on how to use the programme properly and get the most out of it as I think this is going to be the best way for me to learn and take in the information, plus I can always have the video running alongside what I am editing to help me learn as I go along. I have had a quick search on YouTube for tutorials and it is safe to say there are plenty on the site so a few are bound to help me achieve what I want. I am also hoping to work on some presets of my own and pick up some from others as I get better at using the programme as I think that could seriously help out my content and also make editing in the future a whole lot easier. 

There are definitely a lot of pictures I want to get editing already plus I have a fair few shoots coming up so I need to block out some time to learn the best way to edit and get all those done which should hopefully really improve the quality of the content we are creating. But when it come to editing this is just the start really as once we have got to grips with the photos it is time to move onto videos but more on that is coming soon I guess and I will keep you updated on that progress...

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