What We Are Playing (18th February)


Well it is already the weekend and honestly how quick has this week gone? It seems to have absolutely flown by and honestly I feel like I have achieved nothing from the week which is a bit annoying as by now I have normally got loads done but for some reason the motivation just hasn't been there and to be honest as much as it has annoyed me at the same time I guess sometimes it just happens. I am determined to make the most of this weekend though as it is looking like a nice quiet one for us both with not much to do which lately makes for the perfect weekend. We are hoping to get all our housework done nice and early so that the rest of the weekend can just be spent relaxing and playing some games for a change. So here is what we are hoping to play over the weekend... 


I am hoping to have a lot more time for gaming this weekend if headaches stay away, I am evening hoping to get all other jobs done as early as possible to maximize my gaming time for a change. This is all in the hope of my getting to spend more time playing Guardians of the Galaxy as I managed to play a bit more of that last week and it is safe to say I am loving it so far. The game has definitely got me hooked and I just want to make sure I have plenty of time to make more progress through this as I know I am going to like it. When I aren't playing this game though I will no doubt be jumping back into more Grapple Dog as I work my way through this game ready to review it, all I can say so far is that this really opening my eyes to a type of game I don't usually play and it is making me pick up the Switch a whole lot more. Who knows if I get the chance I might even start on Sunset Overdrive at long last too as I really need to start getting through games to hit the target I set in the backlog challenge. 


It is the weekend so of course I am going to be plenty of World of Warcraft however, I am planning on mixing it up a bit this weekend and will be throwing some different games into the mix. I started my play through of Far Cry 6 at long last so I will be continuing to progress through that and I will also be jumping into a bit of Going Medieval. No doubt though any spare minutes I do have though will be spent on Pokemon Arceus as I am really enjoying that game and have played it nearly every day since we got it. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play over the weekend. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we can both play plenty of our chosen games and who knows just how far in each game we will get but all I know is I really need to start getting some games completed soon if I want to do better than last year in the backlog challenge. 

What are you playing this weekend? 

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