The Tech Gear I Want To Pick Up To Help With Our New Projects

There is quite a bit going on behind the scenes when it comes to the content creating especially when it comes to my football blog Edge of the Area. There is a lot in the works but I am currently still in the planning stages with a lot of the ideas but those planning stages have got me thinking about some equipment I could pick up to help really bring the ideas to life and make them the best they can possibly be. It is safe to say this is a very expensive wish list but each item could come in very handy not just for Edge of the Area but also for the content on this blog too so here is the equipment I would love to pick up... 

Lighting has always been an issue for me when it comes to my photography so I would love to really improve in that area. I have been considering getting some studio lights for a while now but it is the size of them that has been putting me off. These would come in really handy though for things such as product shoots and even an extra bit of lighting when it comes to zoom etc. 

I don't know how I stumbled across these Neweer RGB lights but as soon as I saw them I knew I wanted them. These would be great for adding different lighting to product images or even outfit images and to be honest they aren't a bad price either. I think if I had to chose these or studio lights I would pick these. 

This is a bit of a random addition as it is mainly intended for gaming however, I have seen a lot of people use these for photo & video editing which is what I would use it for. This would come in very handy for quickly jumping between pages and carrying out commands and would hopefully speed up the process a lot. 

I have begun to learn recently that you really can't have enough memory cards. I either lose mine or forget to clear them so I am constantly in a rush when heading out the door to make sure I have enough space for the task at hand. This year I definitely want to add a few more memory cards to the collection especially for the football side of things as that takes up a lot of space on the current memory cards. 

Just like with memory cards you really can't have enough batteries. I am a nightmare with batteries currently as poor Liam will tell you, the amount of times I have forgot to charge the camera battery before we need to use it is actually a joke. I definitely want to get at least two more camera batteries so that we always have a spare charged and ready to go which will hopefully combat the current issue of me forgetting all the time. 

For one of my projects I would love to invest in a new camera which comes with all the tools we need to create the content we want to. I have had this Canon set recommended to me a fair few times now and I really do think it is about time I got saving to make these future projects happen which this set would be perfect for. Who knows we could soon be doing vlogs of match days or even player interviews with this camera. 

To go alongside the camera I have also been having a look at the Rode wireless microphones which would come in very handy if we did carry out those on camera interviews. Again these are on the expensive side but surprisingly aren't as expensive as I thought they would be. Maybe I will have to get doing some face to face interviews, see how it goes then really consider investing in these. 

With us taking pictures of the football we definitely need to invest in a lens that is going to work better for sports. I just can't quite believe how much it is for one camera lens though so this is an item we are definitely going to have to save up for but in the end the investment will definitely be worth it if it improves the images that we take on game day. 

So there you go fingers crossed as these new projects start to take shape we can pick up a few items off this list as I think they are definitely going to benefit the content we create over time, like I say the site that will benefit the most is definitely Edge of the Area but if this one could benefit from it too that would be great and these items would definitely be worth the investment.

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