What we are playing (13th May)

Ah the weekend how I am glad to see you. This week certainly hasn't been the best so I am looking forward to much better pace of a weekend. Granted it isn't going to be as quiet as I expected as I am going to be using this weekend to get ahead on the blogs and content for that so I can have more relaxed evenings through the week for a change but I am hoping to have plenty of time to sit and game as I think I will definitely need a bit of a break throughout the weekend. I am finally decluttering my wardrobe properly this weekend and getting all my clothing sorted which I honestly think could take half a day at least but I am planning on doing this whilst Liam is at work so fingers crossed that helps speed things up a bit. Then its is a case of filming some reels and sorting outfits and products I need to shoot for both the blogs and Instagram as I am hoping bulk shooting will help me be much more consistent. When we do get the chance to sit and play some games this weekend though here is what we are hoping to play...


I managed to get through a little bit more of the Last of us during the week so I am really hoping that I can get a few more hours put into it over the weekend if screen glare isn't going to effect my play through like it has the past few days. I am also determined to block out a chunk of time to finally complete Brothers : A tale of two sons too as it is taking too long to get through this thanks to my laptop which is at the stage where it could get thrown out of the window it is driving me mad that much. I have finally got my Switch charged back up too so I am hoping to spend a few hours each night playing Kirby at long last as I am really wanting to make a start on this game and now I have no excuses not to. 


I am working Saturday morning and then have the joys of helping Lucy shoot content for her Instagram and blogs so it is still a somewhat busy weekend for me but of course I will be making plenty of time for gaming as I do everyday. I will be mainly playing World of Warcraft as usual which will probably take over most of my gaming time whilst on the PC though I will also be jumping in and out of Football Manager when I fancy a change of game. If I can get on the PlayStation when Lucy isn't using it I think I might put a few more hours into Far Cry 6 as I have been enjoying that again.

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend. Fingers crossed everything goes to plan and we can just relax for a while over the next few days as after this week it is certainly needed and I am sure we can both make some good progress through the games we are playing for a change. Fingers crossed our jobs get done a lot quicker too as I think we could end up with plenty of extra gaming time for the next few days and the jobs being done will mean a whole lot more gaming time in the next month or so which is definitely needed. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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