What games are currently on our PS5

I can't believe just how long we have had our PS5 for now, it doesn't seem like two minutes ago we had just received it on launch day. I am a bit disappointed that we haven't managed to play as many PS5 games as we would have liked so far but with a backlog as big as ours we have tried to wait until we have completed other games before we get new ones unless it is a birthday or Christmas gift. The games we have installed or ready to install on the PS5 are slowly but surely adding up though and here is what is currently on our PS5 or ready to be added very soon when we finally get round to shifting said game out of the backlog... 

Far Cry 6 - This is the game that Liam is currently playing and it has been quite fun sitting and watching him play it. Personally I have never played any of the Far Cry games but Liam seems to really like them and I prefer just to sit and watch him playing them. 

FIFA 22 - It wouldn't be our games console if it didn't have the latest installment of FIFA on it. This is on here for both of us as Liam enjoys playing the career and manager modes but I love just getting lost in FUT and that is how I spend probably about 90% of my time on this game these days. 

The Last of us remastered - Finally after a lot of people telling me to play this game I am finally getting around to it. This game has been in my backlog for far too long and it is time to sit down and see what all the fuss is about. A lot of people I know have recommended this game to me now and so far I am enjoying what I have played. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - This is the last game I complete and WOW what a game it is. I enjoyed every second of my play through of this game and I am even tempted to go back at some point and try get the platinum for this game which is something I never do. I have left it installed in case Liam fancies giving it a try at some point too. 

Lego Incredibles - The less said about this game the better but at the same time it is still installed just in case I want to go back and complete it once and for all. If you have read the blog for a while or follow me on social media you will know I just couldn't get into this game but at the same time I don't want to leave it half played so it is still on the console for if I want to torture myself anymore in the future, I usually love Lego games so I don't know why I can't get into this game. 

The Outer Worlds - This is another one of Liam's games that he has been jumping in and out of for a while now. He seems to go off of it for months, jump back in and play a fair bit and then repeat the cycle. From what I have seen of him playing it though it does look like quite a good game. 

Red Dead Redemption II - I got this game for Liam last year I believe and it is another game that he just jumps in and out of when he can be bothered so it is taking him a while to get it wrapped up, plus he likes to have a good chunk of time to put into this game when he is playing it. I personally have never played a Red Dead Redemption game but again this is a game I like to sit and what him play as it does look quite interesting but at the same time I aren't too bothered about playing it myself. 

Life is Strange True Colours - I got this game for my birthday last year and loved every second of my play through. I love playing the Life is Strange games and I have kept this one installed as I think at some point (when the backlog is cleared a bit more) I will be sitting down and playing through the full series once more as I absolutely love it.

Watchdogs Legion - I think this is the last game that is just Liam's on the list and to be honest he hasn't been on it for quite a while as he said it was a bit hit and miss through his play through so far, it has been left installed though in case he does want to get back into it and complete it. I think a long way down the line I might actually have a go at this game too. 

NBA 2K21 - I have had this game since release week and you know what... I have barely put anytime into it. We got this when our internet was absolutely terrible and it took months (no joke) just to install then it took even longer to install so I could actually play a game on it. In the end though I gave up and didn't bother playing it at all thanks to the time it took to actually get to the stage of playing it. I might go back to it at some point though. 

Spider-Man Miles Morales - Liam got me this as my second PS5 game back when the PS5 first came out and I am so glad that he did as it is one of my favourite games in a long time. It isn't as long as I expected but the story is great and I am very tempted to go back and replay this one day so that I can clean up on a few trophies. 

FIFA 21- I honestly aren't too sure why I still have this game on the console but I aren't surprised it is still there as FIFA is that one game we always gravitate to if we just want a quick gaming fix. Maybe it is time to delete this one though. 

Bugsnax - I certainly had a love hate relationship with this game, some elements were really fun whereas others drove me mad. I was going to delete this game straight away once I had rolled the credits on but I just couldn't bring myself to do it as I think I could very easily end up going back to it to clear up some trophies. 

Marvel vs Capcom - This was a really quick game to roll the credits on and I was going to delete it as soon as I was done however, I have kept it as I am planning on jumping in and out of this for some quick fights when I fancy playing something different. Playing this has made me want to play a lot more fighting games. 

Maneater - Ah the first PS5 game I owned as I got it to arrive on the PS5 release day. I thought I would love this game as I love anything shark related however, I can't quite get into it so a bit like Lego Incredibles this is just sat there for if I get bored and fancy going back to give it another try, I really wish I could love this game. 

Destroy All Humans - A fair few people including Liam encouraged me to purchase this game when it came out on the PS4 and I am so glad that they did as it is a game I have had a lot of fun with. Again this has been left on the console so I can jump in and out of it as I please and so that eventually I can just clean up the trophies on it. 

Astro's Playroom - This game came free with the PS5 and originally I wasn't going to bother playing it as I thought it would be a waste of time. I caved in the end though and I am so glad I did as it was so fun with plenty of easter eggs within the game and it was a good way to show off the PS5 capability. 

Erica - When this game was announced as one of PlayStation's free games for the month I actually wasn't going to bother picking it up, but in the end I thought I might as well as it is free so I aren't losing money on it. I ended up loving this game though so I am glad I did pick it up, I am going to try get through this game again at some point as I would love to get a different ending. 

Spider-Man - I ended up transferring this game over from the PS4 as soon as we got the PS5 as it is a game I absolutely love. I wasn't originally going to bother as I had already rolled the credits on the PS4 game but I think this will be another game I end up going back to in the future to try get a few more trophies cleaned up. 

FIFA 20 - I won't say much about this as we already have a fair few FIFA games on this list but all I will say is I need to remove this and clear up some space for upcoming games I want to play. 

Call of Duty Warzone - I am not quite sure why this on is on the PlayStation but I am guessing that I downloaded it a long time a go with the intention of playing it but never did. Warzone is a game I originally wanted to play but as time went on I just got less and less interested. 

Farcry 5 - I think this might be the final one of Liam's games on the PlayStation but it is one he started a while back and hasn't played in a while. I have kept this on here in case he does fancy going to back to it at some point as you really never know with him.

FIFA 19 - I won't say much about this one other than I really should get it deleted. 

Kingdom Hearts Remix - If I remember correctly I started this in the first lockdown in 2020 but then other games caught my attention so I stopped and never went back to it. I have kept this installed though as I definitely want to go through and get it all completed and out of the backlog at some point. 

Lego Marvel Super Heroes - This is another game I started a long time ago but then something else came out and distracted me so I never actually got around to playing more than an hour or so of the game. I really do need to sit down and play this again soon though as it was quite fun from what I remember (I got a bit further in the PC version).

Little Big Planet 3 - I absolutely love all of the Little Big Planet games and I can't wait to get through more of my backlog so I can purchase Sackboy at long last. I have kept this game installed though as unfortunately I didn't quite get around to completing it so fingers crossed at some point I will. 

Shadow of War - This game has been left installed for if I ever fancy going back to it, or should I say if I ever have the mental capacity for going back to it. This was a pretty stressful game for me to play and honestly I ended up rage quitting so who knows if I will go back or not, at least it is installed ready for if I do want to. 

Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy - This is one of those games that I absolutely love but at the same time stresses me out far too much which I think is the case for most people with this game. I tend to just jump in and out of this as and when I can be bothered and who knows one day I might end up finishing it. 

FIFA 17 - Oh look another FIFA game that needs removing from the system to free up some space. 

Doom - This is on my list of games to get completed this year, I installed this ages ago but then moved onto other games before even starting it. I have heard good things about this game so fingers crossed I am going to enjoy it. 

Destiny - This is another game that finally needs deleting from my system I keep saying I am going to go back and put more hours into the game but I never do, I can use the storage space for something I am actually going to play. 

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - I think I can finally remove this game too as I don't think I am ever going to go back to it like I planned, honestly I aren't too bothered about Call of Duty games these days. 

Dishonored - Writing this post I am realising I have a terrible habit of starting games getting distracted and never getting very far into them. Dishonored has stayed installed though as I am determined to get through this game at some point as the very little I did play of it I enjoyed. 

The Last Guardian - This is a game I got more or less on release day and was pretty excited to play but then I couldn't really get into it and to be honest other games just looked more appealing to me so I shelved it. This is another game I am determined to play through very soon though and finally get it out of the backlog. 

Batman Arkham Knight - I love the batman games but this one just came out at a bad time for me and I never got around to finishing it or even getting started properly on it if I am honest due to things going on in life at the time. This has stayed installed on the console though as I am determined to sit down and make my way through the game at long last. 

Skyrim - This game is on the console as a bit of a mix for me and Liam as it is a game Liam has loved for a long time and often jumps back into and it is a game I really want to get around to playing at long last. Fingers crossed once a bit more of the backlog is gone I can get this one off the list too. 

FIFA 16 - The final FIFA game that really does need deleting at long last, there is no need for me to have this many editions installed. 

Rocket League - I love games that I can just jump in and out of and Rocket League is one of them so I have made sure it is installed in case I get a random urge to play it again. This game is a lot more fun than I ever expected. 

Sword Art Online Lost Song - I love the Sword Art Online anime so I had to get this game as soon as I saw it and in true me style I ended up installing it playing 5 minutes of the game and then moving onto a shiny new game. This is on the list to get completed ASAP though as it has been in the backlog too long. 

Lara Croft & the temple of Osiris - I will be honest I am not too sure why I have this one but I know I will get around to it at some point so the game is there and ready to go whenever I feel like it. It has been a long time since I have played anything Tomb Raider related. 

Injustice - There is no way I can't have this game installed on the system, I have completed it on various platforms now but it is such a good game that I want to roll the credits on it once more on PlayStation. It is funny as I didn't expect to like this game but I am 100% hooked on it after all this time. 

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - This is one of the games I need to delete as I am never going to go back to it so it is just taking up space that can be used for something else. 

Bloodborne - This one is still sat installed on the system for the same reason as Shadow of War, I might go back to it one day but initially I ended up rage quitting the game and planning to never return. I do seem to be getting tempted lately though so we will see if I do or not. I think Liam might end up playing this and enjoying it though. 

Olli Olli - I have had this game for years and again it has stayed installed as it is a game I can just jump in and out of rather than spending hours glued to the screen. It is a nice change of pace to other games I play so it will always be left installed. 

Watchdogs - I actually got this game when I got my PS4 and I have had it installed ever since and I have even transferred it to the PS5 as I am determined after all these years to actually sit and play it rather than it just sitting there. Liam used to play this on the PS4 but it is finally time I gave it a go. 

 So there you have it that is everything we have installed on the PS5 currently. As the year progresses a lot more is definitely going to be added especially as we work through the backlog but for now it is safe to say we definitely have a good variety of games on the system ready to go at any moment. I am loving playing on the PlayStation recently and now things are settling down I am really looking forward to playing on the console a whole lot more and completing plenty of the backlog. 

What is your favourite game that you have installed on your current console? 

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