The Steelseries Arctis 7 1 year on...


I am not quite sure how it has been a year since I picked up the Steelseries Arctis 7 headset but here we are 1 year on from purchasing it but is the product one I still like using? 

My old headset gave up on me and Liam's Razer one was falling apart that he lent me so I knew it was time to purchase my own new headset and Liam suggested the Steelseries Arctis 7 which was what he had been using for almost a year with no issues, the thing that scared me though was the price. This headset was more than most of my set up at the time but I knew I needed to get a headset quick so I bit the bullet and took Liam's recommendation and I am so glad that I did. 

Previous headsets have felt too heavy for my head and I haven't been able to wear them for longer than an hour due to the discomfort from the heaviness. This one is nice and lightweight though and I have managed to wear it for a full day at some stages without my head starting to feel heavy at all. The ear cups are nice and comfortable as well so my ears don't feel squashed to my head when wearing it, I have the top of my ear pierced which sometimes in the past has made other headsets uncomfortable but it hasn't been an issue at all with this one and even wearing glasses at the same time is easy as there is no discomfort. 

So far I have mainly used this headset for watching YouTube or Disney+ whilst blogging or even just listening to Spotify so I don't disturb Liam but it is safe to say it has really impressed me with the quality of the sound. It is nice and clear so I can hear the videos perfectly. What has impressed me the most is even with my bad hearing I don't have to have the sound on loud like previously to hear things clearly which I know is doing wonders for my hearing in the long run. Sometimes they are just a bit too noise cancelling though and poor Liam can be trying to talk to me and I am just totally oblivious of that fact but I guess it shows just how good the headset is that the sound can be quiet but background noise is still drowned out. 

My only issue though is that the headset will randomly disconnect from my PC with no reason at all which can be annoying for both me and Liam but all I need to do is hold the power button and we are connected again. We really aren't sure what is causing these issues as Liam has never had them and they just happen so randomly, we have searched online but there doesn't seem to be any solutions either. Luckily though it is a super quick and easy fix so it  isn't too much of an inconvenience and hasn't changed my opinion of the product at all, I am still loving it. Even after dropping the headset more times than I would like to admit there is no damage to the appearance and no internal damage that we know of which I guess shows they are a pretty good build which for the price you would expect. I don't have to charge these as often as I expected either, with them being wireless I honestly thought I would have to charge them after every use but so far I charge them once a week and they have never died on me yet. I know this will change as I use them more but for now I am really happy with how they hold their charge. 

One thing that I still want to do is try them on the PS5, I really need a headset for the console and don't really want to buy a new one as they are so expensive so if I can get this connected to it and it works well I won't have to spend another penny luckily. I have heard it works well on the console so fingers crossed that is the case for us too. I want to test the microphone on it too but as I don't play PC games that require a microphone I haven't needed to use it yet, maybe if I had it on the PS5 though I would use the microphone a whole lot more as I used to actually talk to people on the PlayStation. 

I definitely need to see what game audio is like on this headset too as I know there are different dials on the headset on this so you can prioritize which audio you are hearing, again this will probably happen when I am playing on the PS5 if I finally connect it however, I have a Steam backlog that I would love to make progress through so maybe I will get to use the gaming features on the PC soon too, the Steam backlog is pretty scary looking so I really should make a start on it at some point. 

I would certainly recommend this headset if you are in the market for a new one as I do believe it is worth every penny and I know that all being well this headset is going to last me plenty of years, Liam is into his 2nd or 3rd year with his with no issues so fingers crossed I have the same luck as him and I won't need to rush and buy a new headset anytime soon. 

What headset are you currently using?

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