What we are playing (27th May)


Yay the weekend and one that I am looking forward to quite a bit. I have some blog stuff to do this weekend but luckily not as much as I first thought so the rest of the weekend should hopefully be spent catching up on games whilst I do that worlds most boring job... the washing. I am really hoping it is not too sunny this weekend either as that screen glare has really been a nightmare this past month or so which has meant console game progress has really slowed down which I aren't too happy about. If we do manage to get plenty of gaming time in this weekend here is what we are hoping to play...


I still haven't managed to complete Brothers : A tale of two sons, this is mainly as I have been pulled onto other things every time I have gone to play this plus that gaming laptop really does drive me mad, I am really hoping to wrap it up this weekend though once and for all. I am also hoping to play a bit more Cars 3 Driven to win, this game was a really fun chilled game to play at the weekend and I made some good progress through the races on the game so who knows how much further I will be able to get into the game this time around. If the sun isn't shining on the TV I am hoping to get through a bit more of The Last of Us if time is on my side. I am really enjoying this game so far and I still aren't very far into it so I can't wait to finally make some progress.


I am unfortunately working on Saturday morning but that won't stop me from putting plenty of hours into the games I am playing this weekend. Of course I will be playing plenty of World of Warcraft this weekend because would it really be the weekend if I didn't? I won't be spending all my time on the PC on this though as I do want to play a bit more Football Manager this weekend as I haven't played it that much lately. I got right back into Far Cry 6 last week too so I will be playing through much more of that as I am really enjoying it even though I do seem to be doing a lot and not getting that far through the map. 

So there you go fingers crossed we have plenty of gaming time this weekend as next weekend is going to be totally different. Fingers crossed one morning of blogging will get all that side of things ticked off so that the rest of the weekend (Friday evening, Saturday afternoon & Sunday ) can just be spent glued to some games with the odd break off to go do another load of washing, why do chores seem never ending? I am determined to get that Brothers game complete though no matter what it takes. 

What are you planning on playing this weekend?

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