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Ah June, it went by so fast but it was surprisingly more of a quieter month for me which I am grateful for as July is going to be a crazy month thanks to the return of the football so there is going to be very little free time to do much else unfortunately with most weekends and even most evenings during the week where I will be glued to games ready to cover them for Edge of the Area. June was a quieter month but I did spend a fair bit more money than I expected to but that was mainly due to me going on holiday and honestly that is where a lot of my purchases were actually made. So here are the geeky, gaming and tech related items I picked up in June... 

One a recent trip to Primark I came across these luggage tags and I couldn't help picking up one for me and one for Liam. I ended up getting Liam the PS5 controller one for his backpack and I ended up getting myself the Donald Duck one because surprisingly although I hate birds I love Donald. These look great and were so cheap I am tempted to pick a few different ones up next time I am in store.

Whilst on holiday in the arcades I ended up going on one of those claw machines and as usual I expected to walk away empty handed. I was pretty surprised though when I ended up winning this Among Us soft toy, granted I have never played the game but I think it looks pretty cool plus the nephew likes it too so I guess we can share.

We ended up going to Alnwick castle whilst on holiday and I wasn't missing out on the chance to get some more Harry Potter merchandise especially from the place where parts of it was actually filmed. One of my favourite characters is Dobby so when I saw this necklace I knew it was going to be an item I purchased as it is nice and small whilst still looking great. 

I then found this Snape's wand hanging ornament for the Christmas tree, now I know it is a bit early to start thinking about Christmas but this was reasonably priced and we already have a fair few Harry Potter bits for our tree so this will be the perfect addition to our tree this year, or it might just get hung in the office all year round. 

We have a couple of Harry Potter wands already from our visit to Universal years ago. Before we even got to Alnwick castle I said I wanted to purchase a new Harry Potter wand for the collection if they sold them but when we got there I ended up being spoilt for choice and I spent far too long debating which one to actually get but in the end I settled on the Sirius Black one and I absolutely love it.

Whilst we were away there was a carboot on in the village we were staying at and I ended up going for a look around not expecting to buy anything but that soon changed when I got there as someone was selling Pokemon soft toys. I ended up picking up 2 then heading back for 2 more. These were £20 for the lot so I think I got a pretty good deal and the Pokemon collection at home has grown nicely.

Also from the carboot I ended up grabbing Uncharted Drakes Fortune for just £1 it is in decent condition and has all the manuals with it so I didn't want to leave it there for that price, maybe I will get around to playing it one day.

Another holiday purchase was this mead from Holy Island I ended up getting me and Liam a bottle each and I can't wait to drink it. Now I haven't had a drink all year, I am challenging myself to not drink alcohol until my birthday so as soon as I get the chance I will be drinking this as it smells gorgeous. This could be the perfect gaming companion for my birthday weekend.

Finally from holiday I picked up this necklace which actually matches one Liam has owned for a while now. I have always wanted one like Liam's but his is far too heavy and I wouldn't be able to cope with it on a day to day basis so I opted for this one as it is a lot smaller and simpler.

When we got back from our holiday I noticed a package waiting for me behind the door which confused me as I really wasn't expecting anything. When I opened the package I found out it was actually this jersey from Xbox to celebrate their fanfest that was taking place in June. I love this and how it has my gamertag on the back, I can see a lot of gaming sessions happening in this.

Finally technically I didn't buy this item but at long last I have a new iPad. My dad gave me his old one as it was just sat around gathering dust and it is still like new. I am hoping that by having this I will be able to be more productive especially with working on the go especially when it comes to photo editing which I have been massively slacking with a lot lately.

So there you go that is everything I picked up in June, I am really hoping to stick to my budget in July as football will be taking up the majority of my time and money but I do have my eyes on a few things so I guess only time will tell if I manage that budget or not. It is time to get saving again. 

What was your favourite purchase from June 2022?

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