The backlog progress so far this year


Well here we are in July and honestly that backlog challenge I set for myself this year, well it has gone extremely off track and the remaining months of the year are really going to have to be taken up a notch if I really want to hit my targets. I set out the year wanting to complete 10 games and I am currently sat on a whopping 2 games complete for the year so over the next few months I have 8 more too complete, will it be possible? 

My life was meant to be much quieter at the start of the year even with the football on however, that didn't go to plan and I ended up being super busy. In March I had surgery which was hopefully going to be a week of gaming whilst I recovered however, that ended up with 2 weeks of no gaming as I couldn't get comfortable and sitting for more than 5 minutes caused a fair bit of pain. When the football season ended I was hoping to finally get back on track with gaming but again that didn't go to plan as the blogs got super busy content wise and by the time I had finished work and blogging on an evening I just wanted to sleep. My head just wasn't in it for gaming, I couldn't concentrate or focus on the games in front of me so I went for long periods of time without even picking up a controller, I didn't want to bother setting everything up for what would last 5 minutes due to that lack of motivation, honestly now I think I was burnt out and it was my hobby of gaming that was suffering out of everything. The motivation finally came back though and that is when we hit another hurdle... after redecorating the games room we never got a new blind for the window and as the weather has got nicer the sun was hitting the TV screen making it near on impossible to play games, luckily we have sorted this now so hopefully the rest of the summer should go well for us in terms of gaming to be played. 

One thing that is going well in the backlog challenge though is the fact that I haven't bought any new games for the PS5 or Xbox, I have only picked up the free games on the PlayStation which I don't count in the challenge and I have got a few Switch games which were allowed. 

The two games I finished were definitely worth playing though and I loved every second of them. Tell Me Why is a fantastic game and as a huge Life is Strange fan this game ticked all the boxes for me and I was hooked on it. Once that was done I moved on to Guardians of the Galaxy and what an amazing game that was, again I was absolutely hooked on this game and loved every second of playing it and honestly I would go back and play it all over again. 

Once Guardians was finished that is when the motivation started to drop and that really wasn't helped by me starting a play through of Balan Wonderland which lasted less than an hour as I have shelved it realising it really isn't for me, I just didn't get gripped with it and I struggled to get into it at all. 

If things start to go to plan though I should soon start to see some progress in the backlog challenge. I currently have 4 games on the go all in a variety of difficulty and lengths so I have enough to keep me busy and I am hoping by the end of summer nearly all of these will be complete. I am almost at the end of Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons but this is taking me a lot longer than it should due to laptop issues, this will be done by the end of July though and I can't wait to see how the end plays out. I am also part way through Cars 3 Driven to win on the Xbox and again if all goes to plan I should also have completed this very soon as it is a pretty relaxed game of just completing races, it is a good game to just jump in and out of. Finally I am playing the Last of Us and I am loving it so far, I aren't very far in due to the lack of blind issues however, I think once I do get settled into this I will soon start to make some very good progress through the game and hopefully finish it before my birthday (we can hope). Finally I am also playing Kirby the forgotten lands, Liam got me this after my surgery and I am really glad he did as although I haven't played much of it I am really enjoying it. I go away in August and I am really hoping to complete this on the car journey there and back, I will probably be playing on an evening too so fingers crossed I can see some great Switch progress whilst I am away.

I am really trying to hit the ground running now as I am so far behind where I want to be and fingers crossed the 4 games I am currently playing really help me make some progress as if I can get them done by the end of the summer I only have 4 more to finish in the final few months of the year and I have plans for those. I am hoping to start playing a game or 2 with Liam which should help me fly through a game if I have his assistance and then October I am planning a new challenge, more on that soon, and fingers crossed if the challenge goes well I will have another 4 games complete. 

If things do start to fall in place with the games I have started and plan on playing we might actually see me hit my target by December 31st but I could even complete extra if I stay on track now which would be fantastic as it would be a huge dent in my backlog and I could buy myself a few new games I have my eye on too but I guess only time will tell if that is the case. 

How many games have you completed so far this year? 

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