The Xbox games I want to pick up

I will be honest we have got the Series X in our games room and it is actually pretty rare that we play on it. Lately it has been massively neglected as our choice of games tend to be on the PlayStation, plus exclusive wise the Xbox just hasn't had anything that has really jumped out at either of us and made us think right we need to buy this straight away. I think it is because for so long we only had the PS4 to play on the Xbox just got pushed to the back of our minds however, as I am trying to do my backlog challenge I really need to start playing on this console so much more as the games are still sitting untouched. There might not have been any games that have jumped straight out at us to buy for the console however, there are a few games that I have been keeping my eye on in hopes to picking them up when some of the backlog has finally been cleared. So here are the games I am hoping to pick up for the Xbox in the near future...

Halo Infinite

I didn't get into the Xbox until very late on into the life of the Xbox 360 and honestly back then the Halo games really didn't appeal to me however, now as I am getting older and seeing more about them I think it is finally time I gave them a go. I am really looking forward to picking up Halo Infinite though as I think it is certainly a game I would enjoy but who knows I might even end up getting the Masterchief collection at long last too as that is something I have also wanted to play for a long time now. 

Hot Wheels Unleashed

I know I have said in the past that I aren't a fan of driving games however, playing through Cars 3 Driven to Win is definitely changing my mind about them. The more is see Hot Wheels Unleashed the more I am tempted to purchase it as I think it could be really fun to play in between more strenuous games and even playing it with the nephew could be really fun. This will definitely be purchased if I can get it for a really good price. 

Immortals Fenyx Rising

This is a game I have been looking at for a long time now and when it drops in price I am always tempted to pick it up. The only reason I haven't picked it up yet though is because I can't bring myself to buy it just to be sat in the backlog for far too long. Once I have completed plenty more games though this is going to be one of my first purchases for the Xbox as I have definitely delayed the purchase for far too long. 

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

A bit like with Halo, Mass Effect is another set of games that I have never played but fancy giving ago. This game keeps going up and down in price but I think that once the backlog has been cleared a bit I will be finally picking this game up and giving it a go for myself. A fair few people have recommended this game to me so fingers crossed it lives up to the expectations they have set for it. 

The Quarry

I honestly aren't sure how this one has made it onto the list but it is really pulling me in and appealing to me and for someone who avoids anything scary at all costs well it is a big surprise. I think I am going to end up braving it and purchasing this game though and actually fighting through the fear to complete it. Who knows it might be a purchase I make around the halloween period just to make it a bit more spooky.

This wish list may end up changing as the year progresses and new games are announced/released however, for now these are really the only games I have on my radar for picking up on the Xbox, let's hope the backlog challenge starts moving a bit quicker so that I can pick up some of these games but at the same time I guess a positive is that by the time I do get around to buying them they should be really good prices. I think once the backlog has been massively reduced I will be having a look at Gamepass too just to see what games I can give a go that I may usually avoid picking up. But for now lets get cracking on that backlog...

What games are you wanting to pick up for the Xbox?

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