July 2022 Favourites

How are we at the end of July already? It is has been a fantastic month but also a super busy one as the Women's Euro 2022 has been taking place and of course we have been watching it everyday it has been on alongside actually going to quite a few games live which has been brilliant. With all the football honestly there hasn't been much time for anything else but in the rare free time I have had I have certainly discovered some new favourites whilst also rediscovering old favourites. So here is what made the cut for the month... 

Film & TV

Blue Bloods

I am absolutely hooked on this show now and in just a few weeks I have found myself part way through season 3 already, it has got a bit addictive. If I have watched anything other than the football this is what it has been and honestly I don't see it changing soon either. I have even found myself sitting and watching Facebook suggested videos of this show and Liam can't believe just how much I have watched already. I think this might even have taken over Grey's Anatomy as being my favourite show.


Tegan and Sara

If you have read the blog for a while you will know just how much I love Tegan and Sara, I even have their lyrics tattooed on my body. Finally after what feels like forever we have got new music from them and I can not stop listening to Yellow, their latest single. It is one of my favourites of theirs in recent years and if the rest of their new album is like this I think it will end up being my most played album of the year.



Thanks to the football taking up most of my time I haven't spent much time at my PC as I have needed to be downstairs in front of the TV watching games. This is why the Macbook has become one of my favourites for the month, I have still been able to do the blog content I have needed to do and still be some what productive even whilst not being near my PC. I have kept some form of consistency over the month thanks to the device and I have even got plenty done on my lunch breaks thanks to taking it to work with me. Honestly I think I didn't have the Macbook I would be way behind schedule and won't have got much done during the month.


Fifa 23

Granted I haven't played this game as it isn't even out until September but it is on my favourites list already. Finally the game is going to include the Women's game in more than just International modes. In the reveal trailer we have seen that the women's game is coming to FIFA in the league format with the WSL (top flight here in England) and also the top flight of the French League. Honestly this has made me decide I am getting FIFA 23 day 1 and no doubt I will be spending 99% of the time playing as the women's teams as it has been a long time coming.

So there you have it those are my favourite things from the month of July. What have you been loving throughout the month?

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