What we are playing (5th August)


Well the weekend is here at long last, this week seems to have dragged on for far too long and it is safe to say I am ready for it to end as I am heading off on holiday with my family although I am unfortunately having to leave Liam at home as he is working. It is definitely going to be a very different weekend compared to last weekend when we were at back to back football games including a trip down to Wembley for the Euro 2022 final which was an absolutely fantastic day that I don't think I will ever forget. As for this weekend though it is going to be a case of getting stuff done and then travelling so on Friday & Saturday I am not sure just how much gaming I will be able to do but on Sunday with a long travel day ahead I have a funny feeling that Sunday could include a lot of time sat playing on the Nintendo Switch, when the nephew is asleep that is so I can actually play. So here is how our weekend of gaming is looking... 


I certainly have a busy Friday and Saturday planned as it is going to be filled with packing and getting ahead on some blog content but I am hoping to squeeze in bits of gaming to break the day down a bit. I think I ma going to use the Xbox as a bit of reward time and after every couple of posts written I will jump on Cars 3 and do a few races before heading back to more blogging, I am hoping this will make me that bit more productive and make my day a bit more fun. Sunday is going to be a Switch day though and I am hoping to get through more of Kirby Forgotten Lands whilst we are travelling to our holiday destination but if the nephew does fall asleep I will definitely be switching it to Saints Row as I would love to get through a bit more of that game.


I have a full weekend at home and then a full week without Lucy so there are going to be plenty of games played. This weekend though I will once again be playing more World of Warcraft alongside a little bit more Mount & Blade : Bannerlord. I will be throwing a bit of Chivalry 2 into the mix over the course of the weekend too as I have been enjoying playing that lately. 

So there you go that is what we are hoping to play this weekend, it is definitely going to be a busy one but lets hope we can get some gaming thrown into the mix. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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