What we are playing (29th July)


Honestly how are we at the end of July already? I am certainly scratching my head at how fast this year is going so far and it is showing no signs of slowing down. Life is certainly busy these days and with the football seasons starting up again for all the leagues we go watch & also write about for our football site. This means I am going to have to learn to manage my time a whole lot better than I have been doing if I want to get games played whilst still getting content created during the season. This weekend is basically the start of a chaotic period for us as Saturday we are at Valley Parade for the start of the League 2 season then on Sunday we are down in Wembley for the Euro 2022 final which we can not wait for. It is going to be a busy weekend with probably little gaming being played but here is what we will be playing if we do get the chance to sit down and play some games... 


I am definitely the busiest of the two of us this weekend so I think I am going to struggle getting much gaming done this weekend as I have a lot of Instagram and blog pictures to take alongside a lot of blog posts to write, I am trying my best to get way ahead of myself at the moment so when the football season is in full swing I have time to enjoy that and also gaming, it is just a case of managing my time much better than I have been doing. If I do get the chance to game this week I will be finishing up Brothers at long last and maybe jumping into a bit more Cars 3 but that is it for me I am going to be keeping it simple and relaxed which is much needed. 


I am definitely going to be playing more games than Lucy this weekend but obviously I will be playing less than normal with the two games of football taking place. Of course I will still be playing World of Warcraft as I am still enjoying playing that, I will also be jumping in and out of more Football Manager 22 as I have got right back into playing that too. If I get the chance I will be playing through a bit more Mount & Blade Bannerlord as I have been having fun with that game so far.

So there you go it is going to be a very busy weekend but let's hope we both get a chance to sit and enjoy the games we are hoping to play. As I said before now the football is back I am really going to have to learn to manage my time much better than I have been doing as I am now realising that I need to make time to switch off and just relax as I am getting very close to that burn out stage. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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