July 2022 New In

Well July is over and done with and I would love to know where my money has gone as I feel I haven't bought much yet my bank account didn't look too healthy in the run up to payday. I have definitely spent a lot of money on the football with it being the Euros and we have been to a fair few games, but at the same time I have managed to get some bits I have needed to pick up or that I have wanted to buy for a long time. Some items didn't even cost me a penny as they were free or purchased with a gift card I received ages ago. So here are the items I picked up throughout July...

I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos about bullet journals lately so I have finally purchased my own book to create my own bullet journal. This is where I am going to be planning out my weeks and months whilst also tracking things like my TBR pile and my backlog challenge. I am hoping having this will help me be more productive, stay on track and even help me switch off and have some digital free time on and evening. 

My birthday isn't until September but I am already getting bits and pieces together ready for my party. Me and my nephew decided that it should be a Pokemon themed party this year and I have managed to find some great items for this already. Fingers crossed I can get everything I need in time for the party as I think it will look great when it all comes together. Do I put a pack of Pokemon cards in everyone's party bag?

Liam treated me to this women's football book that I have had my eye on since it was announced. I am a huge football fan and as some of you know I have my own website that mainly focuses on the women's game so I can guarantee this is going to be a book I really enjoy reading. As someone who has followed the author for a while now I know that this is written by someone who knows their stuff and I can't wait to get started on it.

Liam surprised me with this Spider-Man book to add to my collection which is certainly growing. This is by far the biggest and best Spider-Man book I own and I think I will be sitting down and going through this at some stage rather than it just sitting on the shelf gathering dust. This will definitely be a great read but at the same time it is the perfect addition to the Spider-Man shelf in our games room.

 I was going to avoid the Steam sale at all costs however, I realised I had a £15 left in my wallet due to me redeeming a gift card last year. I definitely took full advantage of the sales though and ended up picking up quite a few bits off of my wish list. I bought Girlfriend Rescue after it being on my wish list for far too many years then I got stocked up on plenty of Lego games that have been on my wish list for a while too including the full Lego Batman trilogy that cost just £2.99. I definitely need to get playing through more of my PC games now.

I made full use off the free PlayStation games this month. Normally I would avoid any games that are even the slightest bit spooky but I have a plan coming up for later on in the year and this game will come in very handy for it. This should be a nice change of pace gaming wise when I finally do get around to playing it and to be honest I am quite looking forward to starting on it.

Finally we have another free game from PlayStation that I couldn't miss out on. I love the Crash games but hadn't got 4 yet due to the cost of it so seen as it was free I finally picked it up and honestly once a few other games are out of the way I will definitely be jumping into this one. No doubt it will cause a lot of frustration but I love Crash Bandicoot games.

So that is everything I picked up in July, granted I think I have behaved as I haven't bought half of the things I have had my eye on as I have been trying to save some more money but with a lot of trips to the football that saving hasn't really gone to plan. Fingers crossed though that August is a month of saving and making progress towards my saving goal for the year, I have a holiday during the month but I have money put to one side for that so I shouldn't end up going too overboard in general. Hopefully I pick up a game or 2 for that holiday though.

What was your favourite purchase from July?

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