Christmas 2022 Wish List

It doesn't feel like two minutes ago since I was putting together our wish list for last Christmas but here I am getting asked what I would like for Christmas this year. To be honest a lot of present ideas I have given out have been mainly fitness or football related as those have been more of focus areas for me this year and I know that the family aren't fans of getting me gaming or tech related items, they just don't see the point plus they are a lot more expensive than they used to be. With how the year has gone for me I haven't really had much time to play games or work on some project ideas I have had however, I am hoping to change that in 2023 that is why this wish list has a gaming & tech theme. To be honest though this wish list is more of items I would ask Liam for however, the majority of it is a wish list of what I would love to treat myself to this year to improve my content and to get some new projects kickstarted. So here is my Christmas 2022 wish list...

Don't get me wrong I love the white PS5 controller however, I would love to start a little PS5 controller collection. I currently have the standard white one alongside the pink one however, this blue one just looks too good to miss. I absolutely love how this colours looks with the controllers design and it would make a great addition to start up a bit of a collection.

When I have played games this year the majority of time I have spent playing on the Xbox for a change. For years now I have said I would love to design my very own TNG Games controller so this year might be the year I finally bite the bullet and get one made for the Series X. I am planning on using the console a whole lot more so I might as well do so with a controller I have designed myself.

I am lacking in a good headset to use for the PS5 and to be honest one reason I don't play on it much is because the games I own on this console are ones I need to focus on and remove background noise but I am very easily distracted by whatever Liam is watching or listening to. A good headset would definitely encourage me to game on the PS5 more often as I could just block the background noise out and get on with whatever story driven game I am needed to focus on at that point. Plus I honestly think this is a pretty good looking headset so wouldn't mind having it hanging around the games room.

If you know me you will know just how much I love football and as soon as I saw this England gaming locker I knew there was a very high possibility it would be added to the games room so why not add it to my Christmas wish list. I love this and it would be a perfect addition to the room as it means that I can have everything stored in one place rather than losing chargers, specific games and even controllers in the sea of blankets that have taken over the games room currently.

The new Pokemon game is on its way and the new starters are absolutely adorable as always. I think the worst thing I could have found out is that they do a plush of Quaxly, this one is definitely my favourite new starter as it is definitely the cutest of the 3. With our collection of Pokemon plush toys growing this would certainly be the perfect addition although it could keep a watchful eye over my PC set up.

Why is it you never have enough free memory cards to hand when you need them? I am forever losing memory cards or forgetting to clear them after I have used them so with the new projects I have in the pipeline I could do with grabbing a few more memory cards as a back up option plus for some reason one I currently own just doesn't want to work in my camera. These are actually pretty inexpensive in the grand scheme of things so a few new additions would be greatly welcomed.

Now this is a big one, in fact it could be towards the top of my overall wish list, a new camera bag is definitely needed. The one we currently use is stupidly small and I can't fit my laptop in it which is something I always have with me these days. It would be great just to have one bag where I can have everything in one place, my laptop, camera, lenses and even a little tech pouch. This one I have found on Amazon is absolutely perfect for that I need it for and is really reasonably priced too so fingers crossed this Christmas a new camera bag is making its way into our set up. 

I have been after some new headphones for the longest time now as I think that when these new projects start to take shape they will be really beneficial for editing etc in peace and quiet. I know a lot of people who use these sort of Beats for editing and they have had good things to say about them so maybe they should be a bit of a Christmas present to myself. They definitely are on the expensive side of things but I will 100% get plenty of use out of them. 

I know I have just said I wanted the headphones but I also wouldn't mind a pair of the Beats earphones just as a smaller, lighter option. I think these would be a go to for getting one of the new projects up and running as they aren't as bulky as the headphones. Again they are on the more expensive side of things so would definitely be a gift to myself but 100% they would be worth the money for working on projects and working out.

I currently have a MyPassport hard drive however, I am really paranoid about dropping it breaking it and losing everything that is on it so I think I might have to invest in one of these Lacie ones. I know a lot of my favourite YouTubers swear by this one and it is all over my Instagram so maybe it will be worth me purchasing just for that extra bit of reassurance when it comes to keeping my content protected as we all know I am clumsy and just generally a liability.

With the project ideas I have in the pipeline I think a perfect addition to the tech bag would be a power bank. I am sick of my phone and laptop losing charge as quick as they do so this would be the perfect addition as it would mean I could charge my device on the go rather than hoping I could charge it at the destination I was heading to or just risking it and hoping the charge lasts me long enough. I am hoping by getting one of these and keeping it in my bag that when I am out filming content I can just give my device a quick charge boost to ensure I can capture more whilst I am out and about. Plus with the majority of tickets being digital these days it would mean I could freely use my phone without worrying about draining the battery before the event I was attending.

This DJI Osmo 5 gimbal is something that has been on the wish list for a long time now but I just keep putting off purchasing it due to how much it costs. I know now though that I need to start making those investment purchases if I want to get the projects up and running and also just for content I want to carry on producing just in better quality than I currently am. 2023 is going to be a year of improvement, improving what I am already doing content wise, improving personally and improving the ideas of upcoming projects. This gimbal could definitely help with improving things so it is time to bite the bullet and treat myself.

Now these wireless microphones again are on the more expensive side of things and to be honest they are something I would definitely purchase as a gift for myself rather than getting someone else to get me just due to the price point however, I know that by getting myself these I would be treating myself to an item which could really improve the quality of upcoming project ideas and help me create content to a very high standard. These would be especially useful for the football content we are hoping to produce in 2023 so the investment would definitely be worth it. I might end up trying to find a cheaper alternative to these but to be honest the Rode ones have been recommended that much I might just get them ones.

Finally we have another item that is would definitely be a gift to myself... the Canon G7X camera, this camera has been recommended to me a lot in the past and honestly it has been on the wish list for a while now and with what I am planning for 2023 this would be a much better option for filming with and also it would just be a lot more convenient than taking the Canon EOS 4000D out with us all the time. This would certainly be a great addition for the projects so if I don't treat myself this Christmas I could end up treating myself at some point in 2023.

So there you have it that is my gaming and tech Christmas wish list for 2022, I am determined for 2023 to be a much better year in terms of content for TNG Games alongside actually making time to smash through my backlog and it is safe to say this wish list is a nice mix of items to help both of those aims so let's hope a few nice treats from myself might be taking place this festive period.

What is on your gaming or tech Christmas wish list?

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