What we are playing (14th October 2022)


Finally it is the weekend, I am really looking forward to this one as we don't have loads to do after a week that has been 100 mph. We actually have a full Saturday to ourselves, granted we will be doing some jobs around the house and a few blog bits but other than that it is a case of being able to sit down and just play games or do what we want without having to worry about going out and been broke off from what we have been doing previously. Plus the boxing is on Saturday evening so I can sit down and switch off whilst watching that. So here is what we are planning on playing this weekend...


I guess it is a more relaxed weekend than usual but at the same time I still have plenty to do. I have some jobs to do around the house but that should only take a couple of hours max (will be spread out across the weekend too), I have some blog bits I need to get caught up on but again that shouldn't take long either, a trip to the football, some solo training and some boxing to watch. Other than that I am actually going to have some spare time to sit and play games for once. I am planning on mainly focusing on Man of Medan this weekend as I need to start making progress through these spooky games, I am hopeful though that I can get this completed over the next few days. I will be breaking that up with trying to finish Cars 3 if I get chance too as I don't have much left to do on that game now. I am also going to make the most of my time watching the boxing too, I will be taking the Switch to the living room with me and trying to make progress through Saints Row : Re-elected as I want to get back to progressing my way through that, it has been far too long since I last played it. Fingers crossed a minimum of 2 games will be out of the backlog this weekend.


It is going to be a usual weekend for me, I am going to be playing more World of Warcraft because when do I not play that on a weekend? I will also be playing a bit more Crusader Kings 3 which I have enjoyed this week. No doubt though most of my time will be spent playing more Cyberpunk, I really am loving playing this game and honestly it is slowly becoming one of my favourites to play at the moment.

Other than a trip to Manchester on Sunday for a lunchtime kick off football game we really don't have much to do, it looks like it will be too late for me to get to my match so a bit of solo training in the garden will be taking place, which means more time at home to play through some of the games I have wanted to play for a while now. Let's hope this weekend really does go to plan unlike others so that we can make some progress on the backlog as we are at the time of year now where we both get to play a lot more games. 

What are you playing this weekend? 

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