The games I want to buy in 2023

Well 2023 is fast approaching and to be honest I am quite looking forward to the new year especially in terms of gaming. I am determined to fly through my backlog games whilst also purchasing some new releases as there are a fair few new games coming out I would love to purchase. Buying new games isn't something I have done too often in 2022 thanks to my lack of gaming so I am behind on a fair few games that I know I definitely want to purchase and play. With me wanting to game a lot more in the new year and really work on this site and get content out more frequently I am hoping that the new releases really spur me on as I have that little challenge of having to complete 3 games before buying new so I really have to earn those new purchase but at the same time I will be getting more content for here so I can't really complain as it is beneficial all round. Sitting down to write this post I have realised that my lack of gaming has had me missing out on a whole host of games recently but that is going to change and 2023 is a year where I am going to get to play those games I really want to rather than just not bothering, of course there are plenty of games I need to go back to purchase however, these are the games I would love to pick up in 2023 (if they all release in time)...

Assassins Creed Mirage

I am really hoping that this game gets the 2023 release date as I know it is likely to be a purchase I make straight after release. It has been a while since I have actually played an Assassins Creed game as I just couldn't get into the new style however, from the little bit I have seen of Mirage so far I think it is a game I could really get myself into and enjoy. Assassins Creed is a franchise I have loved for a long time but lately the love has been decreasing so fingers crossed this gets the love back. 


I never really got into the Lord of the Rings until Liam sat me down and made me watch them all and to be honest I actually really enjoyed it but always told Liam Gollum was my favourite. Since this game was announced I have kept an eye on the game and from what I have seen (granted not too much) it looks like a game I could enjoy and get right into. Fingers crossed I won't be waiting too long to get my hands on a copy of this game.

Hogwarts Legacy

If you know me you will know just how much I love Harry Potter, I even had a trip to Alnwick Castle on a holiday this year to see where parts of it were filmed, I can't get enough of it. Since the announcement of this game I have been on countdown for its release and I am really hoping it lives up to my expectations as if it does I can see myself getting hooked on this game and really enjoying it. This is down as a February release and I will be honest I am playing with the idea of taking a day or 2 off work to really get into this game. Roll on February where there should be a lot of Hogwarts magic hitting my screen.

Suicide squad

This is another game that went on the want list as soon as it was announced. It includes Harley Quinn so of course I want to play it. Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League sounds right up my street and I will be keeping a close eye on this game right up until release, I am really hoping I can make this a day one purchase if the rest of my gaming goes to plan as I am really looking forward to giving this game a go. There are just too many games coming out at the moment that capitalise on my love for Marvel & DC, not that I can complain too much though.

Jedi Survivor

Now for this I also need to buy Fallen Order and play through that before I start to play through Jedi Survivor when it is released. I simply haven't played Fallen Order due to not purchasing new games however, I need to pick it up and play through it soon so that I can get Survivor once it is released (hopefully in 2023). Once Fallen Order is done I will be picking up Survivor if it is out as I am a huge fan of anything Star Wars and from what I have heard I should love Fallen Order and as for Survivor I am looking forward to seeing more about it as the release approaches.

I am sure there are going to be a whole other host of games that I want to pick up in 2023 as more get released and I look back at games that I have previously missed but as I say having these games in mind should help me get through that backlog too as until some of that is cleared I can't be purchasing any new games. Let's hope 2023 is a better year for me gaming and I can actually progress through my backlog and also get some new releases once again.

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