Why I am trying to play games on the PC more

 When we first moved into our house together I treated myself to a basic gaming PC as I wanted to get into playing on the PC more and my old PC wouldn't run anything however, since getting the PC I have barely used it for what I purchased it for. Yes I spend a lot of time at the PC however, I am doing anything but gaming on it as my main uses at the moment are for blogging and watching YouTube when I get fed up of doing those I just end up laying on the sofa bed in the games room chatting to Liam when in all honesty I could very easily just load up a game and play that whilst talking to him but for some reason I just never do it. 

One thing I want to do in 2023 though is actually use my PC for its intended use, gaming. I might as well start using it for what I bought it for at long last and to be honest there is nothing really stopping me as I am trying to cut back on the time I spend blogging and actually gaming more than I did last year. For the amount of time I spend at my PC in 2023 I might as well start splitting that time up and actually play some games on it too. 

 I already have Steam installed on my PC and I have a whole host of games in my Steam library just waiting to be played so I am determined to use 2023 to get some of those completed plus there are a few Indie titles I have seen on there that I would love to pick up but I refuse to do that until I am playing on the PC more so I know I aren't just wasting my money like I have done with games just sat there so far. My backlog is absolutely huge on Steam and I know that my PC is more than capable of running those games so I am determined to get through plenty of them this year. There are games that have been sat on their unplayed for more than 5 years as I just neglect playing the PC but that is going to change and I am going to stop putting off playing them and finally get them installed on my PC. I honestly believe that I could lose hours in the games room just playing games I have held off on whilst just chatting to Liam as we are basically sat side by side. 

I am also determined to play on the PC more and get through my backlog of games as I really want to upgrade my PC in the near future but at the moment I just can't justify the cost as I don't use it for intended purpose. Whilst I am saving for the new PC though I want to keep playing what I can (even with the few issues the PC has) so that I can just reassure myself that the big outgoing for a new PC isn't going to be wasting and I will continue playing games on it whilst also purchase newer games that take up more of a demand on the PC as I know my current PC can't run some games due to a lack of specifications. I will be honest though I haven't decided whether I am going to go down the PC route or Steamdeck route or if I am going to end up with both devices in the future. I just need to get playing those games on Steam to be able to justify that big cost especially if I do opt for both PC and Steamdeck. 

Overall I think by sitting and playing these games on the PC it is just going to be nice to have a break from itting at the PC blogging all the time and I know that break is going to do me some good and help me switch off but should also open my eyes to a whole host of games that I would otherwise be missing out on. Plus if I am gaming on the PC I don't have to sacrifice any YouTube time either as the PC has two screens so if I really want to I can game and have some of my favourite creators on in the background. 

2023 is certainly the year of gaming more and it is time to make sure I am incorporating PC gaming into my gaming activities so I can finally make moves through my Steam backlog which as it stands is only getting bigger. Let's hope by the end of the year I have completed plenty of games on the PC and am making good progress towards purchasing a new PC to game on in the future.

Do you game on the PC too or do you stick to other consoles?

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